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By TexOrNada · Jan 20, 2015 ·
  1. TexOrNada
    Never before have I "blogged" & never have I found any desire to do such.
    As coincided as I am, I'm not coincided enough to ever think somebody wants to read my mindless bullshit.
    However, I had a brilliant fucking idea today. USE ME DRUGFORUM BLOG FOR RELEVANCE!
    I will post daily about the break-up's, make-up's and knocked up going on in Hollywood.
    *If you just became very excited after reading that and bookmarked my blog, you should probably just block me. I was fucking kidding and this page will be far from that bullshit.

    My DOC {drug of choice} is black tar heroin, AKA 'BTH.'
    I recall 5-6 years ago when I first purchased some trying to figure out any and every possible ROA without shooting. It took me many of grams of burnt and damaged BTH before understanding and mastering the ways. So not only will I post individual blog entries of ROA's, but any other knowledgable information I find relevant for new or uninformed users.
    Unless a source is listed, everything in MY blog will be solely opinion based. If I say something you disagree with or offends you, you have my permission to get the fuck off my page. Preferably in a timely fashion. Then feel free to not come back.

    I'm also a regular user of Roxys, Oxy's and fetynal patches.
    I've experimented a few times with Kratom and was on Suboxone maintance for 17 months.
    Some entries will refer to these drugs, as well.

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