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By lkt004 · Jun 24, 2015 ·
  1. lkt004
    Hi everyone,

    I'm *insert name here*, i work as a lecturer/researcher for a University and am still studying myself. I am prescribed many things for many different ailments, and like to find the the right combinations to use to make my legal supply last as long as possible. My work revolves around industrial biochemistry mainly in the area of drug discovery and manufacturing, as well as a little medical redox chemistry. I know the theoretics of all drug combos, but i love to test them for myself. I would have more medical knowledge than my GP in regards to most drug classes and he is largely happy for me to pick and choose what i feel would work best for me as long as i am not seeing anyone else (which he can check) and i take 6 monthly pee tests in order to continue the pattern we have created. I have the start of a new month of prescriptions;

    At the moment, i am playing around with (prescribed);

    Diazepam (5mg) - 150
    Lorazepam (1mg) - 50
    Oxycodone/Naloxone (10mg/5mg) - 24
    Methylphenidate (10mg) - 50
    CWE codeine (make 150mg at a time) - as much as i need to make the oxy last, i find similar pain releif from 150mg of codeiene as i do with the oxy but i find the oxy allows me to focus and if the codeine doesn't work i can add it in.

    Usually i will fill 28 days worth of scripts every 35 days or so which keeps my GP happy and doesn't give the indication i am somewhat dependant, though typically take up to 3-4 weeks off to reduce tolerance. I am hoping for clonazepam/hydrocodone/dexamphetamine to reduce tolerance to individual opiates.

    I have some seroquel 25mg IR coming too from my psych once the ADHD Diagnosis is 100% confirmed. As well as pregabalin for nerve pain.


    I want to play with combos to see what works best in different scenarios, i occasionally spend 24-36 hours in front of the computer and i would like to enjoy that. Also have anxiety and panic attacks, pain in my neck/back/shoulder so i can get all the pain meds i want, but my PCP and i have trust and understanding with each other and i don't want to wreck that.

    I have found great increases in productivity in various areas of my life with the right combinations and not being stupid. But i have also been a severe addict who went through rehab.

    Any tips for OTC potentiators?

    I tested last night (which i will post), and will be testing again tonight.

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