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Inventions That We Need

  1. Mick Mouse
    TRANSMOGRIFIER-An invention of Calvin's that would turn one thing into another. Like many of his early inventions, this one was made from a cardboard box, although a later portable model was made from a water gun. The Transmogrifier first appeared on March 23, 1987.

    Trivia about the Transmogrifier.....

    1. It must be turned upside-down to work.

    2. Only Calvin and Hobbes can see their Transmogrification, everyone else sees them in their normal form.

    3. Calvin's dream was to get Suzy to enter the transmogrifier so he could turn her into a bowl of chowder.

    4. The Transmogrifier is one of the three most complicated inventions, with the other two being the Cerebral Enhance-O-Tron and the Transmogrifier Gun.

    5. The only acceptable sound that a Transmogrifier may make is "ZAP!".

    -first found in the 1960's, they were the bane of a Klingons's existence. But they eat and eat and eat! So if we could engineer them to eat things like trash and oil spills, we would have a great way of cleaning the environment as well as Tribble steaks!

    Trivia about Tribbles.

    1.They do not seem to have anything but a mouth.

    2. They like Klingon food

    3. They purr. A LOT!

    4. A Vulcan will pick up a Tribble and stroke it unconsciously (and illogically).

    FUSION FIREBALL REACTOR-a nuclear reactor that runs on fusion, rather than fission. Obviously, this has been a dream for quite a while, but it is actually quite simple. Take a sphere of Deutronium and focus multiple ruby lasers on it in eqi-distant points. Fire it up and when the temp gets great enough.......fusion!

    Of course, there are some minor details to work out, but you can make it in your garage!


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