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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    CHICO, Calif. -- The Chico City Council got a visit from the men who want to make Chico the medical marijuana capital of the country.

    Tuesday night, four representatives from Plant Properties Management (PPM) based in Los Angeles asked the council to consider their request to build the country's largest indoor marijuana grow in Chico.

    They say the $20 million project, would bring hundreds of jobs to the area. It would include a 600-thousand square foot marijuana growing and processing facility in the former Koret building near the Chico Airport.

    David Honda, from PPM said this project would put Chico on the map like Sierra Nevada Brewery did with its beer.

    "Chico could be a real leader for a product that for years has been illegal." said Honda. "Sierra Nevada would never have survived without someone with foresight, leadership and vision."

    Tuesday night council member Andy Holcombe said it could be a financial windfall for the city. "Frankly I have no problem if we turn into a premiere marijuana processing facility if it turns into an industry like Sierra Nevada," said Holcombe. "That's a good thing from my point of view."

    Council Member Tom Nickell said he's concerned about how to secure such a huge grow. The city council has yet to legalize even the smallest collectives in the city. They'll continue discussing a medical marijuana ordinance at a special meeting November 30.

    By Kelli SAAM
    POSTED: 6:11 pm PST November 17, 2010



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