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IRA Claim Drug Dealer Assassination

By akack2 · Jan 29, 2010 ·
  1. akack2
    [h2]Group says Real IRA murdered man in Cork[/h2]
    The Real IRA has reportedly claimed responsibility for the murder of a man in Cork last week.
    42 year Ger Stanton was shot dead in front of his partner and her two young children outside his rented home in Wilton last Wednesday evening.
    Ger Stanton was known to Gardai, and was due to appear before the courts later this year to face drugs charges.
    His murder was described by senior officers as cold, callous and calculated – as it was committed in front of very young children.
    In a statement to tonight’s Evening Echo, a group claiming to be the ‘32 County Sovereignty Movement’ says the Real IRA was behind the attack.
    Leaflets had been distributed in Cork last September attributed to the same group, threatening to kill suspected drug dealers.
    Gardai have said they are following a number of lines of inquiry, and are continuing to appeal to the public for help.


    January 2010


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