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  1. 5-HT2A

    Iran could be on the verge of decriminalising some forms of drug use to allow the government to distribute drugs to addicts.

    By allowing the government to give out diluted rugs to addicts, the proposal aims to cut the relationship between drug addicts and drug traffickers.

    “The plan to distribute [low-grade] drugs is similar to what used to be implemented before the [1979 Iran’s Islamic] Revolution,” said Hassan Norouzi, the spokesperson for the Parliament’s Judicial and Legal Commission, according to IFPNews.

    Mr Norouzi said diluted drugs such as Methadone would be distributed instead of opium, cannabis and other common drugs in Iran. He went on to say all relevant authorities had given the proposal the go-ahead.

    He added: “Given the special emphasis that the Establishment’s macro-policies put on the necessity of cutting off the relationship between drug addicts and narco-traffickers, we decided that the government hand out diluted drugs to addicts, so that they will be able to give up their addiction gradually and, instead of being drawn to drug-traffickers, turn to the Establishment and meet their needs through official channels."

    The spokesperson said the Judicial and Legal Commission will continue its work to finalise the plan's approval.

    When he was asked what kinds of narcotics the government would distribute among addicts, he said: “These drugs include methadone and substances more diluted than previous ones, and the authority to decide on that rests with bylaws which are to be jointly drawn up by the Ministry of Justice and [Iran’s] Drug Enforcement HQ, and which could come into effect after getting the all clear from the Cabinet."

    The judicial committee has also proposed a draft law halting the death penalty for carrying and distributing less than 100kg of traditional drugs such as opium or less than two kilograms of synthetic drugs.

    Iran’s Drug Control Organisation said there are now 2.8 million people “regularly consuming drugs" in the strictly conservative country.

    The figure increased from 1.3 million users in the Islamic Republic’s 80 million strong population six years ago, spokesperson Parviz Afshar said, with opium fuelling 67 per cent of consumption.

    Last year, the UN said Iran has one of the worst addiction crises in the world, affecting people from all walks of society.

    Original Source

    Written by: Samuel Osborne, Jul 27, 2017, Iran plans to decriminalise drug use allowing government to give diluted drugs to addicts, The Independent


  1. aemetha
    The day Iran became a more progressive state than the west. We criticise Iran for being religious conservatives, but is most of the west any different? The moral umbrage over drug use is the single largest barrier to effective treatment, and it's pervasive in the west.
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  2. Loveheartshapedrock
    Isn't USA trying to start a war with Iran? Would the motivation behind this move be less about being progressive and more about the Iranian government wanting to protect its self and stop outside forces from using drugs against them and using their drug users to fund hostile rebel groups?
    1. aemetha
      Not really, no, Iran is complicated as far as the US goes. Basically Iran was ruled by a brutal dictator called the Shah who the US supported. They overthrew the Shah in a revolution, and then went to the US wanting to be friends. The US said, nope, we liked that brutal dictator. The Iranians said, well screw you, we're going to hijack your plane. That got resolved eventually after a long stand off. Since then Iran has funded some terrorist activity, but the major problem is that they are Shia and US allies are Sunni. The US now regularly accuses Iran of being the driving force behind terrorism despite the fact that almost every major terrorist activity in the world is by Sunni organisations and largely originates from the US key ally Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia competes in proxy conflicts with Iran for dominance of the region along sectarian religious lines. So basically, as far as the Iran situation goes, both the US its allies and Iran and its allies are like little children who need to be dragged by the ear to talk in a room until they stop lying to each other and everyone else about the problem and do something about it.
    2. Loveheartshapedrock
      I agree it is a ridiculous situation and there are lots of global lies being put out there and the alliance with Saudi Arabia a extreme theocracy state which suspending billions of dollars to build salafi mosques and export fundamental Wahhabi Islam (The same branch of Islam as ISIS) is behind many things that are happening .

      I also conseed that Iran has actually got some very random progressive policies that do seem to be at least in part motivated by what is in peoples best interests... The Grand Ayatollah bans women from riding bicycles but they have funding for sex changes?? WTF...

      They seem to be especially progressive around some aspects of drug policy. BUT I still think given there is a climate of provocation and aggression from USA and it's Allies against Iran and I still think there is perhaps other more protectionist underlying motives.

      Not that I'm complaining... Other than to point out under these circumstances the out come may have outside forces trying to sabotage the government's efforts to take control of their drug problem.

      I certainly hope it's successful no matter the motivation behind it.

      BUT I also think USA intelligence agencies over throw governments they don't like for decades without religious bias.

      After all they over through Saddam and he was Suni, USA replaced him with a Shia government. They don't really care past propping up Saudi Arabia and keeping them and other countries from flooding the market. They have to keep oil prices as high as the market will bare.

      USA justified going in hard in the middle east under the guise they were there to fight terrorism and prevent Saddam (Suni) from funding and harbouring Alqueada (Suni) and the taliban (Suni)... Meanwhile people in Saudi Arabian government (Suni) had been far more involved funding those groups and wanted Saddam overthrown.

      Recently USA and Saudi working with and arming Alquaeda (Suni) in Yemen (Shia).

      Alquaeda are very active in Afghanistan where the illegal heroin and marijuana in Iran is coming from. 100% there is a reason USA was protecting the opium and marijuana fields.

      Also I think it's important that USA is allied with the Suni branches of Islam that are radical... Specificity it is the Wahhabi branch of Islam and the Salafi that is the problem.

      Saudi Arabian and ISIS are practising fundamental Wahhabi Islam. USA is not above using drugs to fund and destabilise governments.

      And this would be a reasonable defensive mode.
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  3. perro-salchicha614
    I'd like to know how many of the users are smoking opium and how many are taking it orally.

    Giving methadone to an opium smoker is kind of like trying to shoot a fly with a bazooka, in my opinion.
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