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Iranian Drug Mule Arrested in Massive Ya-Ice Seizure

By Balzafire, Aug 10, 2010 | Updated: Aug 16, 2010 | |
  1. Balzafire
    View attachment 16107 Bangkok’s Metropolitan Police Bureau arrested an Iranian national on drug possession charges in central Bangkok on Monday. The man was arrested when over 10kg of crystal methamphetamine was discovered in his condominium.

    Bangkok, the 9th of August 2010: Following information revealed by an unidentified source, Metropolitan police raided the residence of Mr. Soltan Mohammadi Reza [32],an Iranian national, in the central Bangkok district of Asok on Monday.

    During the resultant search of Mr. Reza’s condominium, police uncovered a concealment of over 10kg of the illegal class-1 narcotic ‘Ya-Ice.’ The drugs have an estimated street value of over Bt30 million.

    In addition to the massive haul of drugs, officers also confiscated unconfirmed amounts of Thai and US currencies along with various items of gold and jewellery valued at over Bt3 million.

    Under interrogation, Mr. Reza confessed to having been involved with the smuggling of drugs into the Kingdom in conjunction with three or four other Iranian businessmen working for a larger syndicate based in Iran. A check of his passport revealed multiple immigration stamps from both Thailand and Malaysia.

    Police have subsequently arrested Mr. Reza, charging him with illegal possession of a class-1 restricted narcotic, while investigations into his claims of further drug dealing/smuggling associates are continuing.

    August 10, 2010


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