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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Iranian police seize 3mn units of ecstasy

    Iranian police have issued a report concerning its activities of the last nine months, providing evidence of the seizure of more than three million units of ecstasy.

    “More than three million ecstasy tablets have been seized all over Iran in the past nine months," the commander of the drug squad, General Hamid Reza Hossein-Abadi, said.

    “Children and youngsters are the main targets of offenders. The multicolored pills were imprinted with various signs and marks to be more tempting for them,” Hossein-Abadi said.

    He indicated a UN report saying there were 12,000 tons of various types of narcotics stored in Afghanistan, providing 93 percent of illegal drugs in all around of the world.

    “Iranian police have managed to seize 340 tons of drugs and various narcotics in the past nine months,” Hossein-Abadi said.

    The seizures led to the deaths of 28 of the forces of the Drug Control Headquarters, while 197 dealers and traffickers were killed during numerous deadly missions.

    Mon, 04 Jan 2010 10:00:41 GMT



  1. kroozer
    Googled real quick and found that Turkey has been smuggling XTC in Iran.

    Looks like this could be a ploy for them to look like they are doing something good in the world and draw less heat.

    Though I've always had a hard time believing that Afghanistan has pretty much all the drugs in the world. Tough they pretty much had full dominance of the opiate trade over the years. Now we see a coming of a "World Against Drugs.":thumbsdown:
  2. jtb
    Iran isnt a place i would think would have access to ecstasy, but maybe thats my own ignorance! i wonder if it is actual MDMA or somebody trying to make some easy cash off of pipes. it makes me wonder about the whole drug scene in countries like that which seem to be rather repressed or very strictly religious. i wonder what the drug scene is like in a place like North Korea. that would be some interesting investigative reporting, seeing how drug availability and what type of drugs available correlate with state oppression.
  3. taher12112
    Actualy all available XTC in Iran are imported and not manufactured inside, because there is no source of Safrole here. Those are imported almost from Turkey.
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