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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Iraqi caught with 27kg hashish :

    Customs officers assigned at Abdally Border on Saturday arrested an Iraqi man for trying to smuggle 27 kilograms of hashish into the country.

    Media Coordinator at the General Customs Department Mubarak Al-Qattan received information about a vehicle being used for smuggling hashish into the country, so he ordered a team of Customs officers to intensify inspection measures at the border. They inspected all the vehicles passing through the border, leading to the arrest of an Iraqi man as they found 27 kilos of hashish in his car.

    During interrogation, the suspect admitted to trafficking in drugs in the country and told police he has partners in this trade. He was referred to the authorities for prosecution.



  1. Milk man
    Lol, in the US, they call it an interview. Quite horrible an "interrogation" was needed for him to confess.
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