Ireland Pat Kenny Head Shops Under Fire speak out

By Storming Heaven · Jan 31, 2007 · ·
  1. Storming Heaven
    Pat Kenny was investigating head shops and their products today and the debate they are trying to get started is over Kratom Salvia Fly Agaric and of course party pills. He is doing "right to reply " tomorrow and people should try and call in showing support to try and stifle the hysteria that might come of it. 0876272222 is the text line for the show and on air phone line 1850715900. It is very important that you get your feelings heard on this it is one year ago that this same shite talk got mushies banned "10 am"
    Call in speak your mind and keep an eye out for similar shows on the radio as this could snowball.

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  1. _caesar_
    I didn’t even realize that he still was on the wireless. I would like to voice my opinion and I hope anyone that does so prepares an articulate contribution tonight.

    It would be a shame if some mindless f*** starts ranting on how much they like to get off their chops. SWIMS just polished off a nice bottle of Shiraz and a valium so I might not be such an advocate…..maybe the mindless f*** the nanny state is trying to save.

    A nap is needed.
  2. iloveravesomuch
    i heard this bad bad news too. i texted that number and voiced my opinions on the banning of kratom. imagine pat read my text out on the show... they cant do this. i heard on the radio today that the government are going to send leaflets out to everyone and warn them about the "legal highs", so that their kids dont get hold of them, rather then ban them this time. hopefully these drugs wont end up gettin banned like mushies. our government can be such asses sometimes. i never did fly agaric but will research it and then will defend it from our evil government too.
    thanks alfa for telling me about this post.
  3. Jimmeh
  4. Nature Boy
    SWIM will send in a message tomorrow and hope it gets read out on air. This is worrying stuff indeed.
  5. D.U.M.B
    SWIM's going to send his views in and he has also forwarded this info onto as many people as possible. this is fucking bad, SWIM has a bad feeling about all of this
  6. mistermisfit
    I was listening to the repeat just there. Bad news indeed!
  7. Lunar Loops
    Presume this is now over (11:05). Am not able to listen as at work. Have been teaching up till 11 so could not text or phone. On break at the moment. So, can anyone inform us of what went on. Was the insane crusader on the show? She must be laughing all the way to her Swedish sponsors at the moment. She has vowed to not rest until all headshops are closed. She still will not be happy then though. She's the type of woman who isn't happy unless she has something to rail about (as my father used to say "she must have a wasp in her hole"). She won't be happy until everyone else is unhappy.....maybe then she'll implode.......
  8. _caesar_
    It went quite well actually, two staff members from two separate headshops argued their point articulately and with dignity.

    From what texts that were read out there wasn’t much from the usual “outlaw everything, save the poor children maniacs”.

    It seems there is quite a lot of support for our cause.
  9. Abrad
    The show can be listened to here. Skip forward 40 minutes.

    A nice balanced discussion, and no Grainne Kenny! Although I fail to see why Shulgin was mentioned in regards to "legal highs", seeing as the majority of his creations are illegal.
  10. Alfa
    The link doesn't work.
  11. Abrad
  12. Trebor
    I can't get the link to work. WHat the fuck is the matter with these people? Can't they just leave us alone? I don't complain when politicians are cuaght jerking of in the Dail, or giving a fascist salute or claiming the were rescuing a drowning sheep and that's why they were naked in a filed miles from water.

    can't someone, someone who has links to these people do sdomething to change their minds? Give them some weed and if they don't like it fine! ;Let them continue their crusade!
  13. iloveravesomuch
    i listened to a bit of the show but i dont think my message was not read out. was so angry while listening to it. nothing seems definite about whether this stuff will bne banned or not. i didnt know you could buy veterinarian products in the head shops. must make a trip up soon.
  14. Jimmeh
    This link works

    I'm listening now...

    EDIT: I don't believe it.... That was a positive and balanced discussion.. Much better than the Joe Duffy show at the time of the mushies ban.
  15. _caesar_
    Veterinarian products? Sorry I dont recall that from the debate, is it Pal or Whiskas?

  16. Abrad
    ^^Presumably he is refering to the fact that BZP was originally used as a worming treatment for cattle.
  17. Nature Boy
    The show actually went VERY well. Much better than I could have possibly expected. One of the headshop owners brought up some great points, not only in defence of stores such as his own, but criticism of prohibition in general which Pat Kenny was agreeing with. Pat's not actually too bad a guy. He only seems to interview people who know what they're on about, not just some randomer with opinions dripping out of their asshole. He did a show about magic mushrooms several months before the ban was brought in and it went similarly well. The problem now though is Joe Duffy's show. No doubt he'll latch onto this story when the right time comes and the show's focus on anecdotal dillydallying instead of solid factual evidence may cause some serious damage. As long as Gráinne Kenny's spin doesn't appear on it, it may be ok though.
  18. iloveravesomuch
    sorry bout that, you were right, it was the bzp that they were referring to when they said veterinarian products. i had my hopes up for a few hours there. damm it. you really know your stuff enlightened one, i mean abrad. where did you find that out.
  19. Trebor
    I'm seriously considering running in this years General Election. I'm currently listening to the Pat Kenny show and have just watched the RTE news video. Wonder why the diudn't mention that Amanita muscaria has a long history of human usage?
  20. D.U.M.B
    Anyone that's willing to run for government in our country is brave. But if anyone did run that had a good policy in mind with regards to reform in laws they'd get SWIM's vote.

    Good to see the show went well. SWIM like the rest of you now has to wait and see. Lets hope Joe Duffy doesn't pick up on this topic, god knows once the grannies have their rant were screwed
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