Irish Government Considering Proposals to Raise Legal Drinking Age to 21

By Streak of Blue · Apr 18, 2008 · ·
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  1. aerozeppelin123
    Am I right in thinking that you can legally own a gun at age 18 in the US?
  2. Shampoo
    Yes, you are correct.
  3. Senor Gribson
    Raising the drinking age to prevent underage drinking? Is it just me, or does this make no sense at all?
  4. FuBai
    All you are going to do is end up with more people under-age and thus more people under-age drinking. In my village we had a somewhat better thought out approach to this - the local shops that sold alcohol banded together with the police and agreed not to sell alcohol to anyone under 21 on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays after 7 o clock. This was to combat the problem of local gangs of feral chavs hanging around shops and asking/pleading/threatening people going in to buy them alcohol, because most of the people who would have bought them alcohol were under 21 (they would know each other from the local school etc.) It meant that over 18s could still get alcohol if they drove out of town to a 24/7 supermarket or if they bought before 7 o clock, but it was harder for the chavs to pressure people going in. The local Indian restaurant has managed to keep the same pane of glass in its window for several months now, whereas before this it was getting smashed in by drunken teenagers about once a fortnight.
  5. aerozeppelin123
    See this is what I find stupid about the idea of having the drinking age as 21. You can own a gun, which is a weapon very easily capable of killing someone, but you can't drink a beer??!!! I hate guns so this makes me even more annoyed.
  6. Panthers007
    Sounds like Ireland is embracing the new American way to enhance revenue and create jobs through the judiciary: Outlaw everything and build prisons.

    Figures they, the reactionary Irish government, would be following Massachusetts - a state (or 'Commonwealth if you want to get technical and invite black-humor) with a liberal population and laws dating from the 17th century. And more on the way. The people there have a saying: If it's not illegal today, it will be by the time you get to court!

    - a former Bay Stater
  7. Stiney
    So this means that the gouvernment thinks that a person isn't capable of making the decision of wether to drink or not at the age of 20, but they see no problem with a 16 year old making the decision to risk his life and kill people for a living, and get a state pension for doing so. That makes perfect sense. If they are incapable of enforcing the current legislation what on earth makes them think they can enforce the newly proposed one? What do they think is going to be the result of this, apart from 18,19 and 20 year olds drinking on the street or in fields along with the 15,16 and 17 year olds.
  8. Nature Boy
    "In Massachusetts, a person found drunk in public can be sent to a detoxification centre for up to 30 days, with no visits allowed, while the state has had random breath-testing for decades."

    This sends a shiver down my spine. 12 Steps anyone?
  9. lulz
    There would be blood in the streets if they tried to raise the drinking age to 21, and I'm sure the alcohol industry would lobby against any legislation like their life depended on it.

    I don't think the government will seriously attempt this, but they might propose it so they can later drop it, in order to push through less severe legislation that tightens drinking laws.

    There seems to be a lot of popular sentiment among the older generation that drinking laws need to be made more strict, because binge drinking has gotten out of hand. To be fair if you pass through Temple Bar on a Friday or Saturday night you kind of see their point.
  10. Nature Boy
    That being said, most older people I've asked about this subject have laughed at the current alcohol "crisis" because in their opinion, Ireland has always been awash with drunkards and trouble. I guess it depends who you ask but essentially there is no quick-fix solution.

    Personally, it is my firm belief that young people only drink so much because they literally have nothing else to do. We live on a cold, barren rock and when the bottle is your only option, the bottle will be sipped. I'd love to see how a few coffeeshops might mellow the place out. A fleeting dream no doubt.
  11. Coconut
    I agree. Ireland is a very boring place for young people, no matter their intelligence. I have often caught myself sitting at home wondering where to take my girlfriend that night and coming up empty handed because there's not really much to do that doesn't involve a pub.

    Some coffeeshops would have a positive effect in my opinion.
  12. tip
    Yes you see that in those Irish movies like Trainspotting, very boring place, with pub culture dominating the human spirit. Beer, farts, fights and blood. No wonder they turned to heroin. :(
  13. AntiAimer
    Exactly, that's really just a front to put more people in jail. Make more money.
  14. FuBai
    Irish? Trainspotting? As Irish as Haggis and Burns Night.
  15. The_Tortured_Soul

    No, it's not just you, in fact I believe it would cause more underage drinking, now that it would be illegal for the 18 year olds to drink they will be considered underage drinkers.
  16. Lunar Loops
    Indeed. Shamrock? Thistle? What's the difference eh? Although, in truth there are many similarities.

    This approach would never work. It does not work for under-18's so how on earth do they think it is going to work for under-21's? There is a local venue that puts on rock gigs from local bands for the under 18's on Friday nights where no alcohol is permitted. That fizzy pop must be real lethal stuff as the teens can be seen staggering around the streets with breath that could be ignited at fifty paces.

    It matters not as they are just making what they feel to be the right noises at the moment. The alcohol industry and their friends in the Dáil could never let it happen.
  17. dreamingawake
    They aren't actually going to raise the legal drinking age in Ireland. I read it in the paper a few days ago. Its not gonna happen. A load of Irish doctors are blah-blah-ing on about our national drinking problem, etc etc..and saying it SHOULD be raised to 21. But they're not actually doing it. They'll just be placing tighter restrictions on the sale of alcohol in off licences.

    And besides, teenagers count for the a huge part of business the publicans / offlicences get in ireland! it wouldn't make any sense! itd mean students wouldnt get into nightclubs, and they'd go bust!
    I don't remember where I got beer from when i was 14, but i know i got it. So raising the drinking age by three years wouldn't make a tap of difference. Theres still nothing to do when you live here except go to the pub.
  18. Nature Boy
    Perhaps SWIM was still stumbling around the place in a drunken state the other day but he could have sworn to have heard something about off-licenses closing an hour earlier in order to curb under-age drinking. How it's supposed to work I don't know but it sure is a nuisance when you want to grab a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beers at half ten.

    Pointless little law that makes everything more inconvenient for "of age" drinkers. They don't all work nine to five schedules you know! It's funny how they try (and fail) to crack down on under-age drinkers by making life a nuisance for people who are allowed drink.

    This country irritates me.
  19. razorwiredildo

    yes, but not all guns. i believe you have to be 21 to buy a handgun, but at 18 guns from shotguns to ak-47s are fair game.
  20. Stiney
    Yeah, they will shut at 10:00pm from now on. Other completely well thought out, difference making ideas include, shops having to have a "seperate area for alcohol, not visible from the main shop" (because obviously if they can't see it the second they enter the shop they won't want it anymore) and the use of under 18 spies to temp off-licenses into selling to them (which has absalutely nothing to do with the gov rubbing thier hands in glee while reaping the rewards of the fines that can be imposed).
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