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    Parents with Autistic children say finding a treatment for the condition can become an obsession, and often controls their lives which is why they weren't surprised to learn that some parents are giving their Autistic children medical marijuana.

    On a Monday afternoon, a group of mothers meet at a local coffee shop to share their stories on Autism. Jill Frazier's 16-year-old son has Autism. Frazier says, "It invades your life. It takes over your life and it changes your life."

    Since 1997, Frazier and her family have tried many different kinds of treatments. She says her son tried everything from music and horse therapy to sound wave therapy. At one point finding something that would help became an obsession.

    Frazier says, "You become driven to do anything to help your kid or anything to get a good night's sleep."

    For some parents, that drive has led them to what some people would call an extreme. Giving their Autistic child medical marijuana.

    "There is a number of different things that it's not being used for that it can be used for," says Dusty Higgins with Nature's Medicine. He says he's heard of parents trying pot therapy before. "They've let their kids try and have seen remarkable results from it."

    Frazier says Autism is an ever-changing condition which requires ever-changing solutions, "You have to look at options that are out of the box." But when she first heard about pot therapy, "Oh, we had a good laugh and we would joke about it."

    Even with numerous testimonials popping up on the Internet about the effectiveness of marijuana, Frazier says she thinks more research needs to be done. "And I'd be concerned about the short term benefits versus the long term effects."

    In Colorado, medical marijuana license holders under the age of 18 have to have permission from parents.

    Aaron Luna
    April 27, 2010
    NBC11 News


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