Is Pain Relief Worth The Risk?

By Heretic.Ape. · Oct 15, 2007 · ·
  1. Heretic.Ape.
    [h2] Medical Marijuana: Is Pain Relief Worth The Risk?[/h2]

    Retirement TV recently released this special report which showcases testimonies from a variety of people on opposing sides of the medical marijuana debate including MM users and a member from the Office of Drug National Drug Control Policy.

    It's amazing that with so many vocal supporters of MM use that Congress and the White House still won't open up the dialogue beyond the usual nay saying. Some would argue that our government is in concert with large pharmaceutical companies that provide varying forms of pain relief - with profits growing at record rates as our population grows older and lives longer.

    My view of it has always been this: research MM usage fairly and without the usual bias of it being an illicit street drug. Find out what the fuss truly is on the field level and not make it an issue of morality or safety. As you'll see in the video piece, one man who doesn't live in a compassionate state has to buy his marijuana off the street - yet he willingly takes that risk of freedom for the relief. Yes, once could argue that he's addicted but what would you do if you knew something would ease your pain but it wasn't legally available? What steps would you take?


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  1. Cakes
    med mj users>>some of us must be junkies for Life; because if i could kill myself i would/
  2. old hippie 56
    Swim rather take his chances with mmj than them damn poison pills the drug companies sell.
  3. Psych0naut
    They are not poison necesarilly poison pills, but most of them are very addictive. It's just plain ignorant to ban marijuana which isn't physically addictive nor very psychologically addictive, while opioids who are legal are very physically addictive as well as psychologically addictive.
  4. Revancheshepherd
    I think opiates work much better than MJ for pain relief
  5. Cakes
    There are different kinds of pain.
  6. stoneinfocus
    I´d like "poison" amphetamine, cause it just helps and are non-addicvtive, plus one is able to achieve something, like working, being awake and having sex and swim really tolerates a few puffs a month of cannabis.

    I´d do anything illegal to cure or treat pain and make me live again, .. which medicine is too bitter for the dying, with whom would you not sit togehter to represent the law?

    And being in pain is dying in a very metaphoric but realistic way, you have no talking then about pain, you´re a torment to yourself and your surrounding when you´re in pain and you´ll have nothing to talk about, to think and work with, but pain and can´t really do all this.... this is worse than death!

    And the foundation of freedome and lawmaking says, translated to this, better let several people die by making mistakes with MJ or drugs, than letting innocent die or be negativly effected by restrictive laws.. what´s in the head of today´s people... total control and happyness on their phantasy papers only?

    even in the 50-70ies I think there was more liberty, beside unreational paranoia of the ones staying at home, being paranoid.
  7. old hippie 56
    Swim uses mmj for his depression and minor aches and pain. The regiment of pills the dr. had him on was causing all kind of side effects; night sweats, abnormal dreams, etc. He withdrew himself off of them slowly, and stopped completely. That was two years ago, and his depression is more manageable, and no more weird side effects.
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