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Is the Cocaine Fairy visiting Yates Center, Kansas?

  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Is the Cocaine Fairy visiting Yates Center, Kan.?

    Authorities in Yates Center, population 1,999, are dealing with an unusual problem: Someone has been dropping baggies of coke around town. At first, they thought it was an accident -- somebody got high, lost their drugs. But they're up to six baggies found, and each was found in a different place. (Two were outside LEO's homes, making the police worry they're being targeted.) It's not clear if the cocaine has been laced with anything harmful. As a precaution, police are asking the public to not snort cocaine that they find lying on the ground.

    Tuesday, September 15, 2009



    6 small bags of cocaine found around Yates Center

    S CENTER, Kan. (AP) -- Law enforcement officers are trying to determine who has left six small bags of cocaine scattered around Yates Center in the last week and why.

    Tests have confirmed that all six bags contained cocaine, police Chief Lyle D. Kee said Monday. He said it was possible that a couple of law enforcement officers were targets because packets were found in front of their homes.

    The most recent discovery in the Woodson County town of about 1,600 people, about 80 miles south of Topeka, occurred Monday. The bags are about 1.25 inches by 1.25 inches.

    "Our concern is that the packets are being found on the streets," Kee said.

    Yates Center police, the Woodson County Sheriff's Office and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation are investigating.

    Kee said it wasn't known if the packets contained poisonous substances that would be harmful or possibly fatal to those who find them. He said the local school superintendent has been notified.

    "Our main focus now is public awareness," Kee said. "Please don't touch the baggies. Please don't open them."

    When the first packet was found last week, officers thought it likely belonged to someone who got high and lost it on the street.

    "But when we found the second one," Kee said, "our antennae began to go up."

    Kee, who has been police chief for 24 years, said he can't recall such an investigation.



  1. xSarahJ
    Watch it be like Cocaine laced with Anthrax.
    Crazy ass people.
  2. sirmoonie
    "As a precaution, police are asking the public to not snort cocaine that they find lying on the ground."

    I agree. I mean c'mon, pick it up and snort it sitting at a table, for fuck's sake.
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