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By darkglobe · Aug 26, 2008 ·
  1. darkglobe

    I'm sick to death of the dictatorship that is my ISP.

    I pay £20 monthly for 40Gb download limit, at speeds of "up to" 8 megabits per second. Fine, I get five and a half - not bad, all things considering (40+ year old local telephone network, tumbledown telephone exchange).


    There's always a catch, eh? My shiny new 8 meg connection has a sinister sting in the tail. I can't use P2P. Well I could, if I could live with 0.5 kilobits per second speed I'm getting.

    Now, you may be thinking - "he only wants to download stuff illegally, so really he ain't got a leg to stand on". Well lemme ask you - how the fucking hell does my ISP know what I'm downloading? It's quite simple - they DON'T. I actually don't download illegally (you'll have to take my word for it, but I'm telling the truth), but apparently that's not even the issue anyway According to my ISP (who I'm not gonna name, can't say why) P2P involves huge amounts of bandwidth that will slow down the network for other people.

    Now, I like to think I'm not totally heartless, and I feel sorry for thos with slow internet connections (It's damn frustrating), but to be perfectly honest, I pay money for my connection, I honestly couldn't give two fucking shits about anyone else in this respect - if my ISP can't support the amount of customers they've taken on then PAY FOR MORE BANDWIDTH FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

    The contention ratio of the average home broadband connection in the UK is 50:1, i.e. I share my lovely little connection with 49 others. ISPs pay for their bandwidth, thru networks such as the London Internet Exchange. IF they weren't so fucking stingy they'd be able to provide me with the bandwidth I paid for.

    This is an excerpt from my ISP's "fair use policy" (if you can call it fair):
    Umm... hello? I pay for 40GB/month. I probably use less than a quarter of that. Seriously. So why is that I, a light user by anyone's standards, am getting penalised for using what I pay for??

    There's no point to this rant (if you're still reading then all credit to ya lol) but this is really beginning to fuck me off.

    Oh, and I like how online gaming is considered normal use. Don't they know that online gaming probably uses double the bandwidth of P2P file sharing?? I should know I play online games!! The majority of my monthly usage goes towards online gaming.

    This makes my fucking blood boil. I've not had a good moan for ages, but FUCK FUCKITY FUCKING FUCK It's about time I got what I bloody paid for.


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