It Never Ends

By dyingtomorrow · Nov 30, 2008 · ·
  1. dyingtomorrow
    A beautiful red swirl
    A background of gold
    A simple pull and push
    A tasty crimson drip

    So ugly before
    So ugly after
    So lovely now
    So little time

    Warm becomes burning
    Cool becomes freezing
    Ivory to wax
    Solace to seething

    Dirty cotton
    Dirty metal
    Dirty water
    Dirty blood

    Burning to baking
    Freezing to shivers
    Wax stops dripping
    Seething, still seething

    More me to sell
    More time to burn
    I burn and freeze
    But it's finally here

    A nice red swirl
    A background of yellow
    A couple holes later
    A tasty crimson drip

    Nice, yellow, holes?
    Sorry, not enough pain
    I'll tell it better next time
    But probably in vain

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  1. teddybearpicnics
    so i realized that swiy actually had a blog, and i clicked on it, and realized that swiy posted this tonight...did swiy score tonight, because if you wrote that sober...swiy's crazy feinding. but regardless, i like it...although the last line should rhyme and leave a statement, not trying to joq your shit but as soon as i read the last verse i thought....

    i'll tell it better next time,
    but probably in vein (sp?)

  2. bananaskin
    Thank the writer for this.

    It taught well.

    Its colours are vivid.
  3. Vein_Banger
    Wow, very articulate! Makes swim Jones its so well-written! Thanks Alot DT!!! :p
  4. dyingtomorrow
    The Hole

    Older than writing is the Hole
    Its tales born from ages past
    A different shape in every man
    Different afflictions cast

    Not all men have to bear the Hole
    But know it surely if they do
    Skeptics dig your Hole deeper
    And bore it further through

    How to fill this Hole they ask
    How? With what? They rue
    History can but instruct
    Though filled with many clue

    Some debauch with brilliant care
    Strange sex, sardonic prayer
    No matter how much goes inside
    They find the Hole still there

    Liquid is the sadist’s choice
    Cruelty, tears and bloody drops
    No matter how much pours inside
    It never makes the top

    Others put their faith in money
    And hide fear with a scoff
    But no man can outrun his Hole
    Nor buy the Hole off

    Denied to you is that which works
    Those earnest drugs, the pain they kill
    But leaders are sadistic types
    With their own Holes to fill
  5. Master_Khan
    Always good to read your contributions. Sending an instant Kharma your way today!
  6. Sniffin Sunshine
    omg i am in love with this last poem here it is one of the best ive herad in a long time. gave me a chill up my spine cuz there sso much truth to it keep up the awesome work
  7. Thor1394
    Really like these poems although swim wishes he wasn't sick reading them. swim did everything yesterday knowing he wasn't going to be able to get anything till monday morning. Swim wishes he knew the time change was today. This extra hour is killing SWIM. Anyway keep up all the awsome posts.
  8. dyingtomorrow
    Thank you everyone.
  9. Neznam
    Swim likes them, he himself writes a lot of these. What else is there to do while wide awake at night?
  10. G-spotter
    Beautiful entries by Dying and nice comments. G hopes Dying will add to the blog with other verses inspired by his monkey's present experiences. Uplifting (in a twisted way), clinical, tragic yet inspiring. Die another day Dying please!
  11. dyingtomorrow
    SWIM wrote another one that he'll throw in here for safe keeping.


    A star explodes
    In the dead of night
    A pinpoint forms
    And drinks the light

    A black hole born
    First breath I drew
    It wants to be whole
    I want that too

    A needle slides
    Under my skin
    It fills the void
    From the soul within

    A black hole shudders
    In the dead of night
    The void explodes
    Into glorious light
  12. mokoceno
    I'm usually not even in to poetry, other than lyrics, but I gotta say very nice man especially the last 2. They're all good but it seems like with each one the writing gets more natrual and solid. Good work.
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