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It was Friday.... SWIM HAD to do it!

  1. silentghost
    So Friday slowly turned to night and SWIM didn't have much alcohol so he gave in and took 300mg robogels. SWIM was very disappointed.

    300mg seems to do absolutely nothing anymore for SWIM. He waited and waited, but after an hour and a half without any noticeable effects he gave in and started drinking with everyone else. SWIM had more alcohol then he thought so he got pretty drunk with some silly lady friends. SWIM was quite mellow and was content to relax wherever the group went, but SWIM then ran into his guy friends who were quite mad at SWIM because he was quite clearly unable to drive (or return phone calls).

    After that there was much arguing according to SWIM and SWIM was dumb and picked his lady friends over his guy friends.

    The next day has come and SWIM feels like he will probably make an apology because he strongly believes in bros before hoes.


  1. savingJenniB
    Well, that philosophy may occassionally get you fucked, but it will never get you to that awesome full passionate reckless abandon sex that will curl your toes and open your third eye and take your wagon to grand parade rest!

    To thy own self be true, bro!
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