Italy police seek 'Satan squad'

By Alfa · Dec 14, 2006 · ·
  1. Alfa
    Italian police want to set up a special unit to tackle the growth of new religious sects, particularly a violent new breed of home-grown Satanists.

    The new police squad would include psychologists, as well as a priest who is an expert on the occult.

    It would co-ordinate - nationwide - investigations into potentially dangerous religious movements.
    The move follows a spate of high profile, gruesome murders blamed on a new generation of Satanists.
    They indulge in a lethal blend of black magic, hard drugs, sex and heavy metal.
    In the most recent case a gang known as the "Beasts of Satan" bludgeoned, then buried alive, two of their own members - a young woman and her boyfriend - in woods outside Milan.
    Experts say the number of Satanists in Italy is tiny - and the product as much of youthful alienation as of any more traditional religious conviction.
    But more than a million Italians belong to other minority religions, and some experts are worried that the new police squad could target members of them as well - even though, despite their perhaps strange beliefs, they are entirely harmless.
    The police need to concentrate on tackling Satanic criminality, says one of the country's leading experts on new religions, or they will end up threatening religious freedom as well as wasting scarce resources.

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  1. Alicia
    kinda sad really as Real satanism does not say go and kill people it doesn't even have anything to do with heavy metal either.
  2. TitusCrow
    SWITC has a very close friend that just came back from italy, he was actually telling SWITC about this just the other day.

    SWITC feels that this squad is absolutely rediculous, but predicts that this is a sign of more things of this sort to come.
  3. radiometer
    WTF is a "home-grown Satanist?"
  4. TitusCrow
    I would guess that they must be reffering to people who grew up in a Satanist home, meaning their family practiced Satanism.
  5. Alicia
    If so, i doubt they be going round killing people. Real satanism is nothing like in the films. These r jus people who call themselves satanists.
  6. Nature Boy
    More bureaucratic religion-based mumbo-jumbo. What a complete and utter waste of time and resources. I don't know who's more retarded; the idiots with fake fangs and the bullshit magic or the gobshites who actually go to the bother of hunting them down.
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