It's all about the one thing I don't have...

By Tinkerblah · Dec 3, 2015 ·
  1. Tinkerblah
    I think being straight, sober, etc. comes down to one trait: patience. Think about it. The patience to hang in there through withdrawal, the patience for meetings, the patience with yourself to dust yourself off and start again when you muss it all up, the patience to take inventory, etc.

    I didn't have the patience to wait for pills to kick in, so there came railing. I am going to try to hold back on shooting up. That does seem to take some skills that once again involves, you got it, patience.

    I do have one drug-related patience science experiment going on: I'm taking off my Daytrana patches at the end of the day and dropping them in a jar with white rum. Three days now and all I've done is add more patches, rum, and given the jar a good shake twice a day.

    So I guess in some twisted way, I can find patience.

    I really do wonder how I am still functioning-ish after all these years!

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