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  1. Erumelithil
    I have the DVD of that stand up show. Total classic
  2. Jasim
    Very cool. Thanks for sharing. :)
  3. Crazy Insane Sanity
    Nice video! Everyone always tells me to check out Bill Hicks, but I've never gotten around to it. Definitely gonna watch some of his stuff today!
  4. piuiher
    very cool.. I ve got "Totally Bick Hicks"...He was really good
  5. chilliker
    Good to see another Hicks lover. Bill Hicks another dead hero.
  6. Crazy Insane Sanity
    I've now watched all of Bill Hicks' stand-up that I've been able to find. Love it! Absolutely fantastic stuff. Unlike any comedian I've ever seen. :thumbsup:
  7. grass
    gotta love him
  8. Beenthere2Hippie

    This was a Great Ride. I apprecite your first Blog. Keep it up, my man!
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