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  1. 0utrider


  1. Purest
    Some anti drug people do annoy the bulk of pro-legalisation groups, but reading something like this is just depressing, and it really doesn't help the image of drug users.
    Once again we're seeing that the actions of a few are creating a huge backlash against everyone else involved in the fight for legalisation. All that they do is fuel their anti-drug propoganda, the best way to beat them is by killing them with kindness and pointing outholes in their arguments, passive protests and intelligence are the best methods that can be used, violence like in the above article doesnt help anyone.
  2. Ryu
    The 1960's served as a time of passive resistance, the power of thought and new ideas,reason and theory above action,. . however this changed little, the next revoultion is inevitable and may be alot more physical and eveidence of this is abundant. The time of praxis is soon
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