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  1. Tinkerblah
    That's me in a nutshell, nut pun intended. Work was exhausting after the no sleep Ritalin binge last night and I'm not seeing much of a slow down in sight for tonight. I guess that's what inappropriate use of you rx drugs does to you kids. You live in the moment.

    In a week, I'll be dying for more but am too chicken shit find a supplier. It will be caffeine, herbal ADHD stimulants, high proof alcohol , and any other thing I can get my hands on until the doc rains pill prescriptions down on me like manna from pharmaceutical Heaven. There have to be pills and potions in heaven, right?

    I do have caffeine tabs, gabapentin, clonadine, kava paste, and two nootropics I have yet to try: Phenibut and Picamilon. I think I'll try the pic first. It sounds safer. I'm low on substitute uppers so I guess it's off to some shop that sells all those body builders their 'healthy supplements' for some combination of 'natural stimulants'. Or maybe just Walmart; it will be cheaper. Or Amazon since I'm one lazy bitch. Who is so high she can't stop squirming.

    Seriously, I need sleep. Once again, I have work in the morning as an important managerial like being. At least I'm working from home so I don't have to worry about uber grooming...

    And yet there are pills to pulverize, bliss for a bit, more pills to crush, more and more rush, and then dig up the downers. Oh and drinking plenty of water, taking vitamins, and fish oil to mitigate the morning mourning plus blood pressure checks just in case. To be continued...


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