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  1. ScorpioSunshine
    She stayed up for two days waiting
    Smoking cigarettes she'd given up long ago
    Pacing the floors, fingers swollen from
    flicking and clicking her way through boredom and impatience

    Eyes red from bleary-eyed peeks and
    borderline tears
    No sleep and racing thoughts, waiting

    Take another green one and wait
    Just one more hour, one more

    Nothing, nothing but a quick promise and
    a flash of future obsession

    What is she thinking?
    She knows better, but
    she's just waiting for a

    Borderline jack-in-the-box
    about to spring at anytime
    Undoing her orderly world
    (Undo her so she can sleep!)

    Nothing, not a word or a promise

    Fast-forward the time so she can
    wrap a fuzzy pink robe on and
    feign sleep for sake of appearances

    Just chasing time in a two-day night
    A restless dreamer, out of her mind
    out of time, not ready for "goodnight"

    A frozen pantomime smile
    Cold fingers pulled up into sleeves
    Legs crossed, her mind chants
    worn out mantras with no meaning
    She can't answer questions, just
    shut the door; go, go away

    She's got a few more days
    heavy eyes
    And a penchant for jack-in-the box lies


    It made sense when I wrote it. That's all I can say .... :p


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