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Jail for drug dealer who boasted of crimes on internet

By source, Aug 3, 2012 | Updated: Aug 9, 2012 | | |
  1. source
    A YORKSHIRE drug dealer who posted a number of amateur rap videos on the internet boasting of his criminal prowess has been jailed for seven years.

    Steven Campbell, 38, of Lowerhouses, Huddersfield, who filmed numerous videos of himself posing in a white mask with bundles of cash and bragging about his gang connections and violence, was found to have stashed nearly £100,000 of drugs at the home of a single mother in nearby Dalton when it was raided by police.

    He was arrested beside seven others for a range of offences including conspiracy to supply or possess class A, B and C drugs, money laundering and theft, as part of a long-running West Yorkshire Police investigation into drug trafficking and firearm supply which led to 27 search warrants being executed across Kirklees and Calderdale.

    Sentencing at Bradford Crown Court yesterday, Judge John Potter said Campbell, a former car dealer who had served prison terms for wounding and robbery in the 1990s, had exploited others including 24-year-old mother Stephanie Harmon who had been unaware of the type and quantity of drugs being left at her home.

    “Your activity can properly be described as professional drug dealing leaving a trail of misery and harm in your wake,” he said. “You Steven Campbell, in my judgement, deliberately exploited others and involved them in your activity.”

    Prosecutor Richard Walters said the £94,000 drug stash included around £17,000 of cocaine including some packages in a locked strong box which were found to be 77 per cent pure.

    Officers also recovered £11,500 of controversial former legal high mephedrone, a bag containing more than 15,000 so-called ‘pink cherub’ tablets, a further 1.75 kilogrammes of the “pink cherub” drug worth more than £26,000 and around 700 grammes of a bulking agent.

    Campbell pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply Class A, B and C drugs alongside Stephanie Harmon, of Harp Inge, Dalton, his former partner Harriet Sunderland, 26, of Tillotson Avenue, Sowerby Bridge, and her brother Scott Sunderland 28, of Calder grove, Mytholmroyd.

    His three accomplices were sentenced to 51 weeks in prison suspended for 2 years each, with Harmon and Scott Sunderland ordered to complete 450 hours of community service between them.

    Christopher Tehrani, for Campbell, said his mother was a social worker and had done her best with her children, but after he left home at the age of 20 he went off the rails.
    He said Campbell now had a number of children himself, and wanted to be back with them after his release to make sure they did not make the same mistakes he had.

    Speaking outside court, Detective Inspector Neil Hollis of West Yorkshire Police’s crime division, said: “It’s clear from the evidence that Campbell was the leader of this criminal enterprise despite presenting himself as a car dealer.

    “He did buy and sell the odd car, however this was merely a front to legitimise his drug dealing activities.
    “He used his then girlfriend Harriet Sunderland and also Harmon to store the drugs and broker deals for him in order to appear as a legitimate business man.

    “Campbell is a negative role model and his prison sentence reflects the severity of his crimes and I hope will be some comfort to those people who have suffered at his hands.”

    Yorkshire Post

    Published on Friday 3 August 2012
    News article can be found here


  1. TheBigBadWolf
    It may sound a daft question, but what on earth is 'pink cherub'`?
    the only thing google finds out is that it's sort of decorative flowers and the news articles about this drug bust.

    Can anyone help me further?

  2. Ontario
    Can someone answer this? When I google it I get e pills, but that cant be right because it said legal high. I also get a color of Behr paint. I am intrested as to what this is.
  3. source
    I was wondering that aswell when I added tags.

    I'm not surprised that he had nearly the same amount of mephedrone as he did cocaine though. Silly guy, posting shit on the net, loads of people have been caught out like that... facebook statuses for one.
  4. source
    My google searches bring up 'pink cupid' ecstasy pills.. so maybe its kinda like that.
  5. Sade
    It doesn't appear to say that he was caught because of his boasts on the internet. The article says it was part of a police investigation. It's likely that they found the videos when they would have seized his computer.

    I don't buy the story of him being the criminal mastermind exploiting all these people. They knew what they were doing. Stinks that they get suspended sentences and he gets 7 years.
  6. TheBigBadWolf

    There might lay some thruth in these words,- but we know how it is,- No, jugde, sir, I didn't know this white powder was drugs,- who doesn't know how these things work with poeple sharing a risk, and then the one who gets busted is the one who is the criminal mastermind and does seven years,- typical drugs process charade.
    To my luck my friend the Wolf never got in such a situation,- but if he had, he'd not expected anyone to take a guilt on them that couldn't be verified.

    You won't find truth in drug court processes, just more or less unlucky persons.
    225 social hours, pah! I done more for the possession of a quarter ounce of hash!

  7. hookedonhelping
    Im curious, how is what he did any different than 90% of the rappers out there who tell stories of their days holding their jock while slanging crack rock on the block? I mean seriously, I thought if you made it all rhyme, there was no prosecutable crime?!
  8. davestate
    I highly doubt that the music videos were the probable cause used for the warrant, to have so many warrants go out means long term surveillance and investigation, it does however make a great headline for the paper. I would say the videos just drew more attention to him or got him noticed which triggered an investigation. To brag about shit like this on the internet probably means he wasn't the most careful guy
  9. Bad Rabbits
    The article states that he was in possession of Class A, B and C drugs. The Class A being Cocaine, Class B being Mephedrone.

    My guess is that the remaining mystery Class C drug, was some kind of Piperazine. This would fit with the 'Pink Cherub' tablets which have been reported to contain Piperazines. I guess the 'Bulking agents' were in fact tablet excipients.
  10. Bad Rabbits
    ^ I agree, this is what I was referring to above. Dirty bastard Piperazine pills.
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