Jail Lets Con Grow Marijuana In Cell

By Terrapinzflyer · Dec 6, 2009 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Jail Lets Con Grow Marijuana In Cell

    (THE SUN) - U.K. prison guards unwittingly allowed a convicted drug dealer to grow marijuana in his cell -- and even decorate a four-foot plant as a Christmas tree.

    Gold-toothed Mohamed Jalloh, 28, convinced jail staff for at least five months that his super-powerful crop was only tomato plants.

    He got so cocky he put festive decorations on one to brighten up his cell at Verne Prison in Portland, Dorset in southern England. Eventually he was turned in by a jealous inmate, and guards then identified the plants using Google image search.

    "You could see the plants from the grounds as his cell looks on to the education department and communal outside area,” a source told The Sun newspaper. “They were on show for the world to see."

    Jalloh is serving eight years for supplying Class A drugs.

    By Brian Flynn
    Saturday, 05 Dec 2009, 10:14 AM EST


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  1. Birkill
    Thats funny as fuck, swim lives just near portland like!
  2. Bite_Me
    Take it with a pinch of salt, this was a story in The Sun.
    If it's true that he was growing MJ it was probably a fairly low security prison and the guards knew what he was doing but turned a blind eye.
  3. Birkill
    No this is true it was in my local echo!!!
  4. YeaXTC
    Ah ha this story is classic, thanks again expensive tax dollars and prison security!

    Classic, they used google image search! How investigative!!


  5. bubbly nubs
    This sounds extremely far fetched, not to say that its not true though!!
  6. Joe Duffy
    I find this story very hard to believe.
  7. Helene
    Yeh, HMP Verne is a catagory C training prison, so the lowest security you can get except for an open prison. Swim knows a couple of people who were moved there from HMP Gloucester on sentencing (they were in on remand prior to that), and she's been to HMP Verne to visit one of these guys. Verne is not too bad, from what she's seen and heard, better than a lot of other nicks, such as Gloucester, which along with Winson Green are the only other prisons she's been to (to visit!)

    Gloucester's not too nice, swim's been told, due to its being a remand prison, and having a very young population (it has a YOI there too), full of little fuckers trying to prove themselves. The only place that swim seems to have heard consistently awful things about is Walton, which seems to just be a fucking horrible place, even for a prison.

    Anyway, yes, HMP Verne is apparently okay, as a prison. It's cat C, as I said, and people there have been inside a while, are used to the whole thing, aren't trying to prove anything. Some are getting towards the end of their sentences, or about to moved to an open nick. But it also has a lifers section, but cat C lifers, generally speaking old boys getting towards their parole dates, I guess. So, yes, it is rather low security indeed; in fact, all the prisoners have keys to their own cells! No, seriously - weird, eh?

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