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Jail term for Leeds drug dealer caught on film

By Guttz, Dec 15, 2010 | |
  1. Guttz
    A large scale Leeds drug dealer has been jailed for six and a half years after his illegal activities were caught on camera.

    Hanibal Elias was filmed dealing heroin and crack cocaine in Lincoln Green, Leeds, and was identifed after police and officials of East North East Homes Leeds scoured 160 hours of CCTV footage to identify

    The film of Elias was used at Leeds Crown Court by West Yorkshire Police to convict him of drug trafficking offences.

    At the hearing it was revealed that Elias had broken in to a flat while
    the occupant was in hospital and used it to stockpile drugs to distribute them to street level dealers in the area.

    As part of 'Operation Bahamas' an operaton targeting the sale of Class A drugs in Burmantofts and Lincoln Green, the police and ENEHL's CCTV team taped Elias dealing heroin and crack cocaine to known drug users around the Boston Towers area.

    By combing the CCTV footage, it was possible for the investigators to track Elias's illegal activities and movements.

    Elias, of Holborn View, Woodhouse, Leeds, was arrested on January 19 on suspicion of drug dealing and was convicted in September. Two drug users, Kelvin McLean and Stuart Brisbane, from the area were also convicted of possession of heroin and received fines.

    Coun Peter Gruen, Leeds council housing chief, said: "If anyone is in any doubts about why Leeds spends money on CCTV then this case should dispel them. The key role CCTV played in the prosecution shows the worth of having a network which protects the public and ensures that criminals can be brought to book."

    Angelena Fixter, chair of East North East Homes Leeds, said: "We take drug dealing extremely seriously and will work in partnership with the police and courts, to help make our neighbourhoods peaceful, safe and pleasant areas."

    A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: "CCTV is just one of the many tools available and in this case it has helped to secure jail sentences for drug dealers."

    15 December 2010


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