jailed drug dealer admits dealing in jail

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    <TD =xq>Jailed drug dealer admits dealing drugs inside prison

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    BRATTLEBORO -- Convicted drug dealer Richard "Richy Rich" Taylor was released from prison back in December.

    The then 25-year-old had just completed a one-year prison term on two counts of selling heroin. He was set to spend the next four years out on probation.

    But by mid-January, Taylor was arrested on more drug charges after police uncovered 16 bags of heroin inside a Bellows Falls residence where he was staying.

    It appears Taylor's alleged drug dealing did not stop there, according to a recent report issued by the Department of Corrections.

    While incarcerated at Southern State Correctional Facility in Springfield awaiting further court proceedings, Taylor sent letters to a girlfriend explaining ways he was obtaining and distributing drugs while behind bars, the report states.

    "Just keep hooking me up so I can start sending you money. ... I need you to get me some bags. I might have another hundred or so coming too," Taylor wrote in one of five confiscated letters addressed to girlfriend Linda Wainwright; Wainwright has her own drug charges pending in Windham District Court.

    Taylor further instructs Wainwright that during an upcoming visitation she should bring an unspecified item that is "gonna have to be small enough to swallow."

    In later communication he tells Wainwright, "Listen that shoe thing is the best way to do (it) other than balloons cuz they don't see (anything)."

    John Duling, Taylor's caseworker at Southern State Correctional Facility, was unable to be reached Monday night.

    On two occasions while incarcerated, one in March and another in May, Taylor tested positive for marijuana and opiates, respectively, according to corrections. In the letters Taylor also makes several references to being "wasted" during the times he is writing.

    On Friday in Windham District Court, Taylor admitted to four probation violation counts, and was ordered to serve out the remaining three to four years of his sentence in prison.

    Another year was added consecutive to the sentence in relation to the new heroin charge which Taylor also pleaded guilty to on Friday. </TD></TR></T></TABLE>

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