Jakarta Police Confiscate Drugs Valued at $22m

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    Jakarta Police Confiscate Drugs Valued at $22m

    Jakarta Police announced on Tuesday that they had confiscated about $22 million worth of narcotics from an ecstasy and methamphetamine laboratory in what they are calling the biggest drug raid in the capital this year.

    The raid was carried out on Monday at a house in the Citra Housing Complex in Kalideres, West Jakarta, following a two-month surveillance operation, Jakarta Police narcotics chief Sr. Comr. Anjan P Putra told a news conference.

    Police displayed 50,000 ecstasy pills, 60 kilograms of ecstasy ingredients, 200 kg of methamphetamine and 30 kg of methamphetamine ingredients along with acetone and methanol — just some of the evidence collected from the house that is estimated to be worth Rp 200 billion.

    “We arrested one suspect during the raid. We believe the ecstasy and meth made in this house are marketed in Jakarta as well as Bali,” Anjan said.

    Police said the suspect, Anthony Wijaya, alias Hakim, had been producing ecstasy and crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as shabu, for about 20 years.

    Anjan said Hakim told police that he was only a chef, or shabu and ecstasy maker, while his boss was a man named Andi Tata.

    “But we checked and found that Andi Tata has passed away. So we are still investigating who the boss is,” he said.

    Hakim allegedly produced 300 ecstasy pills and 25 grams of shabu per day. Police said he claimed to produce the drugs himself but police said they are still investigating the possibility that there were other workers at the home-based factory.

    “Because it is impossible that he would work on all production by himself,” Anjan said.

    Jakarta Police Chief Insp. Gen Wahyono said the police received information about the factory from a dealer arrested for selling 100 ecstasy pills.

    In the house-turned-drug factory, the Jakarta Globe observed that the crystal methamphetamine was produced in the bathroom and in the garage, while the ecstasy was produced in the main bedroom, located on the first floor.

    Anjan told police that in addition to drugs, pirated video compact discs (VCDs) were also produced on the second floor of the house. The Globe saw hundreds of pirated VCDs in a second-floor room, along with personal computers and printers.

    Anjan said the police got a break during their two-month surveillance operation when Ang Yin Hua, aka Leonardi, who has spent time in prison for a drugs offense, visited the house.

    “When Leonardi entered the house, we also came in,” he said.

    Leonardi has not been declared a suspect because police do not have enough evidence against him.

    “And based on Hakim’s information, Leonardi is just his friend who wanted to visit him,” he said.

    March 23, 2010
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  1. Blue Buddha
    Sad really, and all because of a snitch. :thumbsdown: I always enjoy your news articles Terrapinzflyer!
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