Janitor Claims Co-Workers Topped His Pizza With LSD

By lulz · Aug 20, 2007 · ·
  1. lulz


    LSD Pizza? I'd buy that for a dollar!

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  1. Zentaurus41
    Words I dont like :

    "had a controlled dangerous substance running through his bloodstream,"

    "How are you still alive,"

    "the plot to poison him"

    its not as if he was given rat poision or anything, well thats if the events that took place did happen.
  2. senioranon
    While it wouldn't have poisoned his body, it could have really messed him up in the head. I've heard stories of people who took too much acid and are messed up- one person thinks they're an orange, another thinks they're a glass of milk and everyone is trying to spill them.
  3. Hyperspaceblastoff
    man i dream of the day my co-workers poison me with LSD
    that would b awsome
  4. Perception Addict
    I've heard that glass of milk thing a bunch of times, also as glass of orange juice, etc. It reminds me of this urban legend:


    While it's true that LSD is not to be taken lightly, and that high doses may cause serious lasting effects, one should also be careful of listening to anti-drug propaganda that may be entirely false. If this actually happened to someone Swiy knows personally, i am very sorry and you can disregard this totally.
  5. zera
    Oh come on, this is nothing new. Our own esteemed CIA is famous for secretly giving massive doses of LSD to unsuspecting office workers just to record the results in the MKULTRA project.
  6. senioranon
    The orange is a friend of a friend from college. He went to highschool with my friend. He supposedly was trying to sneak a whole sheet or 2 of acid into a concert, started sweating, and absorbed all the acid while waiting in line to get in.
  7. Abrad
    ^Seems alot of people know that guy...
  8. zera
    That definitely comes from SLC Punk.
  9. merc11292
    i saw that movie today it was great, the acid part was funny as hell the guy thot his the devil killed his mother and turned her into a bull
  10. KBLSD
    swim has heard this story in so many different ways its a bunch of BS
  11. Heretic.Ape.
    Agreed that the orange story is BS, everyone's friends of a friend who knows the guy.
    One thing I don't understand however is the logistics of spiking a pizza with lsd...

    (Diggin the robocop thing lulz :) )
  12. KBLSD
    ya if they really wanted to poison him they should of gave him a slushy with anti-freeze mixed in it
  13. senioranon
    It's a good friend, who loves psychoactive, but is horribly afraid of acid because of what happened to his 'friend'. I trust the guy, as he has always been straight-forward (except the time he was swearing that everclear was just a strong vodka).

    Would have been a LOT cheaper too.
  14. GDxCAT
    Dude, i heard that story from my cousin 7 years ago.
    Its not true. Your friend was misinformed.

    It is one of the most popular LSD myths.
  15. KBLSD
    fo real he is right
  16. lulz
    I was really hoping somebody would catch that reference. :laugh:
  17. Isochrist
    It doesn't really surprise me that these BS urban legends are still going around, but what does surprise me is how with websites full of information such as this one, people still believe them.

  18. lulz
    Most of us, at least those living in anglo saxon countries, have been indoctrinated since childhood to believe this kind of propaganda. I guess it makes a lot of people more susceptible to believing the odd story like this. Stuff from childhood sticks in your mind.
  19. Heretic.Ape.
    hasn't the orange thing been going around since the 70's? I've heard it was but that could be a rumor about a rumor... thus i'd be spreading a rumor about a rumor about a rumor, hahah
  20. Joe Duffy
    This thread reminds me of the Carlow “Blue Star” incident! Hehehe!
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