Japanese anti-MDMA flyers and anti-drug posters, July 2008

By Benga · Jul 28, 2008 · Updated Jul 29, 2008 · ·
  1. Benga
    These were picked up at a local Kansai police station, in between other info sheets, such as the highly mnemotechnic "ika no o-sushi" ( squid sushi), where each letter is the start of a sentence that children should memorize to avoid abduction and molestation, and other info.

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  1. Panthers007
    Re: Japanese anti-MDMA flyers, July 2008

    The center image doesn't work. Fascinating - thanks for posting.
  2. Benga
    Re: Japanese anti-MDMA flyers, July 2008

    should work now. had a little issue with the scanning and had to reupload them.
    the slogan is " dame, zettai. " which roughly translates as "absolutely NOT !", to MDMA and synthetic / "designer" drugs ( mentioned as 合成麻薬、gousei mayaku)

    the rest is your typical heavy propaganda, in question and answer form : MDMA is not only dangerous but also addictive : you won't be able to stop even after taking it once...
    other "questions" are a little less common, such as "whaddabout ecstasy, not MDMA, the name is different, so it's ok right ?"- guess the answer...

  3. MrG
    Re: Japanese anti-MDMA flyers, July 2008

    Nice, but why does the tongue in the third image appear to be missing its tip?

    Probably got eaten away from all those "acid" trips.
  4. psychedelaholic
    Re: Japanese anti-MDMA flyers, July 2008

    My girlfriend's tongue is like that, looks like it is missing a tiny bit out of the end making it the tiniest bit forked. It's awesome :)
  5. Benga
    Re: Japanese anti-MDMA and anti-drug flyers, July 2008

    a broad spectrum japanese anti-drug poster, shot in a Kansai station, hum....

    great design iso..be broken, no future ( for you, as J. Rotten would add)

    and an announcement for the new restriction of tobacco smoking to certain areas of town : dangers of the glowing ashes, save the children

  6. Benga
    the represented drugs are MDA, MDMA, yaba, cocaine, heroin, cannabis, opium, mushrooms, L.S.D ( pill + blotter).
    the japanese and english captions are way off ( ie "no future" a translation for something like "it will disconnect you from yourself"...

  7. Benga
    and then again, on the flipside, one just has to admire japanese cafe names, such as these...

    so tonight, what shall it be, "ganja/acid", "let's get shitfaced" or "blow (me)" ?

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