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Jay Z's Former Bodyguard dies in naked home invasion

By Basoodler, Sep 8, 2013 | Updated: Sep 8, 2013 | | |
  1. Basoodler

    Former celebrity bodyguard Norman Oosterbroek protected several A-list stars during his career, but unfortunately he just couldn't defend himself. Authorities are investigating an altercation in which 43-year-old Oosterbroek -- former bodyguard to stars like Beyonce and Jay Z** -- died after police Tasered him during a bizarre home invasion.

    South Florida's NBC 6 reports that police were called when a naked Oosterbroek, owner of the security company RAD, entered a mansion uninvited on his street Tuesday, Sept. 3. Ooesterbroek and his family were apparently leasing a home in the same neighborhood. Homeowner Christiane Jung, 47, found Oosterbroek first and his intrusion eventually led to a violent confrontation between Oosterbroek and her husband, Markus Jung.

    At the scene, Oosterbroke was also seen swallowing an unknown substance. When police arrived to try to take him into custody, he became aggressive, and had to be shocked by a Taser, according to the report. He was taken to a hospital and later pronounced dead. He was 43.

    "It's possible that he may have been under some type of narcotics," Miami-Dade Police spokesman Detective Javier Baez said in a statement. "Again, he was observed swallowing, ingesting some kind of substance, unknown substance that is."



  1. PurpleBlunts
    Re: Jay Z's Former Bodyguard,dies in naked home invasion

    Damn. That's some really weird shit. I want to know what he was on. My guess would be some kind of deliriant or PCP/analogue.
  2. MikePatton
    I really hope police find a way to stop killing people with taser guns... There's gotta be a better way to neutralize someone.
  3. quickiB
    He should be called either a "celebrity celebrity bodyguard" (a celebrity "celebrity bodyguard" in his own right), or a celebrity former celebrity bodyguard...
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