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  1. ZenobiaSky
    Dubbed “CannaSearch,” as the name indicates, the smoke-free event Thursday is a marijuana-themed gathering intended to match job seekers with Colorado employers in the cannabis industry--a field that could now be described as "fast-growing" and/or "budding."

    Your dreams of becoming a “budtender” could come true this week during “CannaSearch,” a first-ever weed-related job fair in Denver.

    This Thursday, March 13, a very special, first-of-its-kind job fair is being held in Denver. It has been dubbed “CannaSearch,” and as the name indicates, it’s a marijuana-themed gathering intended to match job seekers with Colorado employers in the cannabis industry—a field that one is now all but required to cutely describe as “fast-growing” and/or “budding.”

    At last check, 15 employers were scheduled to participate in the event, being held from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Denver headquarters of the job fair’s sponsor and host, O.PenVAPE, a company that specializes in vaporizer pens that get filled with cannabis oil—and that also bills itself as the “the largest national brand in cannabis.”

    No advanced registration is necessary for job seekers. Everyone in attendance must, however, be 21 or older. And to answer the question on everyone’s minds: The event is strictly smoke-free.

    Participating cannabusinesses looking to hire include medical marijuana dispensaries such as Walking Raven, the online school Cannabis Hemp Academy, an online school, and My 420 Tours, which runs marijuana-themed adventure tours in Colorado and cannabis growing and cooking classes. The positions that companies want to fill range from tour guides to graphic designers to web developers, as well as retail employees and “budtenders” in recreational pot stores and lab workers operating behind the scenes.

    Todd Mitchen, the chief revenue officer at host company O.PenVAPE, told the Denver Business Journal that the event will be a classy affair, complete with velvet ropes and food for all in attendance. As of Monday, slightly over 400 people said they would be at the job fair on the CannaSearch Facebook page. The actual turnout could be much larger. Job seekers are expected to be driving in from nearby states to attend the event, which could attract 1,000 people, maybe more.

    Again, Mitchem noted, the job fair will be a non-smoking event. “We anticipate turnout will be high … but not ‘high,’” Mitchem said. “Seriously, this is a fun event, but keep your cannabis at home.”

    Brad Tuttle
    March 10, 2014

    The Newhawks Crew


  1. ZenobiaSky
    Hundreds Drop Resumes at Colorado's First Cannabis Career Fair

    Hundreds Drop Resumes at Colorado's First Cannabis Career Fair

    [IMGL=WHITE]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=37813&stc=1&d=1394960678[/IMGL] This week marked a first for Colorado and the cannabis industry as a whole: its first ever job fair. The event was held in the downtown Denver headquarters of cannabis vaporizing device manufacturer O.penVAPE which organized the fair. O.penVAPE representatives said the event was put on to assist match job seekers 21-years-old and older with Denver cannabis employers looking for qualified candidates.

    According to event sponsors the actually turnout almost doubled the expected numbers. By end of the day Thursday, approximately 600 people said they would attend CannaSearch on its Facebook page and at the end of the job expo over 1,200 candidates had applied for various positions.

    Advocates for cannabis legalization often point to mainstream job creation as a benefit of the drug’s legalization. Companies at the nation’s first job event Thursday were not only looking to hire people with specialized skills in growing and cultivation but also in typical white-collar jobs such as clerical and management positions.

    “We have front of the house staff that deal with the customers and transactions,” said Tim Cullen of Colorado Harvest Company and Evergreen Apothecary. While cultivators and growers are part of the business, occupations also “branch out into more professional areas of bookkeepers and CPAs and legals teams we work with.”

    The idea for a career expo came from the simple act of opening a newspaper.

    “It had taken us a couple of weeks to find enough candidates for these 2 jobs that we were hiring,” said O.penVAPE’s Chief Revenue Officer, Todd Mitchem. “I looked at the paper one morning and saw a job fair that was being advertised for another type of industry. I thought, ‘Gosh, we should do a cannabis job fair.” I had never seen one before in Colorado.”

    Over fifteen companies accepted applications and met with hopeful job seekers, some driving from outside of Colorado state.

    “It was a really exciting moment to see people say they were driving from California,” said Mitchem. “It was also a very humbling moment.”

    Jonathon Hall
    3/15/2014 @ 9:39PM

    The Newhawks Crew
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