Joe Rogan shares his love of DMT with the masses

By Terrapinzflyer · Mar 24, 2010 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Joe Rogan shares his love of DMT with the masses

    Anyone with a passing knowledge of comedian Joe Rogan knows a few things about him: he smokes weed and DMT; he thinks Carlos Mencia is a no-talent joke-stealer; and he hosted the reality show Fear Factor when it was still on the air. But not everyone knows what he thinks of Lady Gaga, which is exactly what I was most interested in hearing about.

    "She's a really good musician, although that 'Poker Face' song makes me want to pull my fucking ears off my head. But that's just one song. I mean, I've heard some of her other songs — she's a talented person," he admits.

    Rogan, like the aforementioned pop star, is interested in the reasons certain people enter "the public consciousness" and become famous, and why others don't.

    "It's always really interesting when someone rises to the top [...] and it's not always because they're good. Sometimes it's like, 'really, this fucking guy? How'd he get here?' It's a very strange thing, popularity," he says. "[Lady Gaga's] very good at pushing people's buttons and presenting an image, claiming she's a hermaphrodite — all sorts of wacky shit she's done."

    Rogan's newest comedy special, Talking Monkeys In Space comes out on CD and DVD on March 30. On it, he jokes about having grey hair on his balls, how oxytocin keeps mothers from eating their own children, and watching anti-pot commercials while high.

    He's outspoken about the legalization of marijuana, and despite being a comedian, he takes the issue very seriously, even calling out President Obama for laughing off legalization talks. Considering that people can go to prison for possessing a plant that "makes you silly," he doesn't think it's very funny.

    "You're committing a crime against humanity," Rogan says of those who keep marijuana illegal.

    Besides being confused about the state of marijuana's legalization, he's equally perplexed by why more people aren't aware of the chemical DMT and the significance it might hold for humanity.

    "I think it's really telling that this is sort of a secret that people are hearing about from the fucking Fear Factor guy," he says.

    "[DMT] is not on the cover of Time magazine, and there's no press conferences where the president has to address the nation [saying] they've found the gateway to heaven [...] The body's production of DMT occurs when you're in heavy REM sleep, and it occurs when your brain thinks it's about to die — when you're under extreme stress, you know, car accidents, things like that — you pump out this chemical," he explains.

    Even though he's upset over the ignorance surrounding DMT, he clearly loves doing his standup, though he admits it can be hard to begin with, because no one ever starts out being as funny as a Richard Pryor or a Jerry Seinfeld. In the beginning, everyone sucks.

    "Richard Jeni said, 'One of the great things about terrible comedians is that they inspire other comedians to try it' and it's totally true," he explains. "When you go to an open-mic night, you realize that you're just one of 20 terrible comedians — everyone's terrible, so the expectations are very low. Everyone's awful and no one's entertaining."

    He likes nothing more than to please his audience, but he admits it's never fun to go up on stage and get no laughs.

    "Bombing on stage is like sucking a thousand dicks in front of your mother."

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    Evan Mudryk, Arts & Entertainment Staff

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  1. Phenoxide
    Pot boiling the kettle black when he goes around claiming it's irrefutable fact that DMT is released during REM and NDEs. Even Strassman stresses that these were purely theories, and there's yet to be any firm evidence on it one way or the other.

    It makes me sad to think this guy is probably the most high-profile proponent of DMT. Is this hack of a stand-up comic really the best envoy to spread awareness of DMT to the masses?
  2. Terrapinzflyer
    yea- while I agree with your points, and honestly have never heard of this guy, I still respect anyone, especially those in the puplic eye, to admitting to drug use.

    I think one of the largest stumbling blocks to reform is that for "joe sixpack", their exposure to folks using drugs is the sensationalist stories in the evening news and newspapers. Stories of "drug related shooting", "right wing preachers secret methamphetamine and gay prostitute orgies" and "dad leaves baby in car while scoring and nodding off on heroin" don't do much for the public perception. If they realized their doctor smokes a joint after work rather then drinking, their lawyer does powerful psychedelics a few times a year, or even their sister goes to a couple music festivals and takes MDMA every summer things might be different.

    So despite the shortcomings, I see it as a positive step.
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