John Lennon ~ December 8, 1980

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  1. savingJenniB
    It i hard for me to imagine that John Lennon has been gone for 28 years now. What a sad day it was. His contribution to our present day culture is monumental. For any of you youngsters out there here a little bit of my Lennon selection:

    God is a Concept by which
    we measure our pain
    I'll say it again
    God is a Concept by which
    we measure our pain
    I don't believe in magic
    I don't believe in I-ching
    I don't believe in Bible
    I don't believe in Tarot
    I don't believe in Hitler
    I don't believe in Jesus
    I don't believe in Kennedy
    I don't believe in Buddha
    I don't believe in Mantra
    I don't believe in Gita
    I don't believe in Yoga
    I don't believe in Kings
    I don't believe in Elvis
    I don't believe in Zimmerman
    I don't believe in Beatles
    I just believe in me...and that reality

    The dream is over
    What can I say?
    the Dream is Over
    I was the Dreamweaver
    But now I'm reborn
    I was the Walrus
    But now I'm John
    and so dear friends
    you'll just have to carry on
    The Dream is over

    Some Wikipedia Info on John Lennon ~
    Drugs, meditation and primal therapy

    Lennon was first given drugs in Hamburg, Germany, as The Beatles had to play long sets and were often given Preludin by customers or by Astrid Kirchherr, whose mother bought them for her. McCartney would usually take one, but Lennon would often take four or five, and later took amphetamines called "Black Bombers" and "Purple Hearts". The Beatles first smoked cannabis with Bob Dylan in New York in 1964; Dylan mistakenly interpreted the lyric "I can't hide" from "I Want to Hold Your Hand" as "I get high" and presumed that The Beatles were already familiar with the drug. Lennon later said The Beatles "smoked marijuana for breakfast", and that other people had trouble talking to them, because they were sniggering all the time.

    In a 1995 interview, Cynthia said there were problems throughout their marriage because of the pressures of The Beatles' fame and rigorous touring, and because of Lennon's increasing use of drugs. During his first marriage Lennon tried LSD, and read The Psychedelic Experience by Timothy Leary, Richard Alpert, and Ralph Metzner, which was based on, and quoted from, the Tibetan Book of the Dead. He later used heroin, and wrote about the withdrawal symptoms he experienced in "Cold Turkey". On 24 August 1967, The Beatles met the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at the London Hilton, and later went to Bangor, in North Wales, to attend a weekend of personal instruction. The time Lennon later spent in India at the Maharishi's ashram was productive, as most of the songs recorded for The White Album, and Abbey Road were composed there by Lennon and McCartney. Although later turning against the Maharishi, Lennon still advocated meditation when interviewed. In 1968, Cynthia Lennon went on vacation to Greece, leaving Lennon at Kenwood with Pete Shotton; his school friend and so-called assistant. After several days of taking LSD and smoking marijuana, Lennon convened a meeting at the Beatles' business HQ to inform the others that he felt he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. Later that day, he phoned Ono, whose own husband Tony (Anthony Cox) was in Paris on business, and invited her to Kenwood.

    In 1970, Lennon and Ono went through primal therapy with Dr. Arthur Janov in Los Angeles, California. The therapy consisted of releasing emotional pain from early childhood. Lennon and Ono ended the sessions before completing a full course of therapy, as Ono constantly argued with Janov. The song "Mother" is based on Lennon's experience and understanding of Primal Therapy.

    Pseudonyms (These made me laugh!)
    Throughout his solo career, Lennon appeared on his own albums (as well as those of other artists, like Elton John) under such pseudonyms as Dr Winston O'Boogie, Mel Torment (a play on singer Mel Tormé), and The Reverend Fred Gherkin. He and Ono (as Ada Gherkin "ate a gherkin", and other sobriquets) also travelled under such names, thus avoiding unwanted public attention.
    Thanks for the memories Mel Torment!

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  1. RaverHippie
    I had planned to stop by the John Lennon memorial tonight in central park. I'll bring my camera in case it's at all moving.
  2. savingJenniB
    That would be most gratefully appreciated RH!
  3. norcolepsy
    to this day I still get tear-eyed when I get lost in thought about john lennon. He is single handedly my (and a zillion others) biggest writing influence.
    in fact..I would've wrote all those great hits, he just happened to write them before me..;)

    Thanks for taking the time to say a few words and for reminding us all to take a few moments to reflect on what will always be music's greatest loss.

  4. TMM
    You could say I'm not the biggest fan of John Lennon, his work or the man himself, but he's inspired so many people in such a big way that I guess I should tip my hat to him anyway.
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