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  1. catseye
    12 March 2012
    BBC News Derby, no author credited

    A mother says she is outraged after her son and nine other boys were strip-searched at school on suspicion of carrying drugs in their underwear.

    Police arrested two pupils, aged 15 and 16, after searching the group of year 11 boys at John Port School in Etwall, Derbyshire, on 9 March.

    Officers had received a tip-off the pupils were sneaking the drugs into the school in their underwear.

    The mother, whose son was not arrested, said parents were not told in advance.

    She said: "He's just very distraught by it all - very embarrassed. I feel my child has been victimised.


    "For police to actively go into the school and physically strip-search your child without your permission or knowledge, I'm outraged as I'm sure any parent would be."

    'Zero tolerance'

    Police said the operation was carried out using powers provided by the Misuse of Drugs Act.

    Insp Paul Cannon said: "We had very specific intelligence about how the drugs were being brought into the school and the fact they were being brought in in the children's underwear.

    "We have a duty to investigate criminality and, particularly with drugs, protect vulnerable people from coming into contact with these drugs."

    The two boys were arrested on suspicion of possession of controlled drugs and have now been released on bail while inquiries continue.

    Head teacher Wendy Sharp said: "We do everything we can at John Port School to keep young people safe. Part of that policy is a zero tolerance of drugs."


  1. ianzombie
    Do parents not have to be present if the child is under 16?

    While i understand that people (apart from some school kids) dont want drugs in schools, it would want to be some very credible intelligence that prompted them to do this.
    Anyone could give a 'tip-off', sure the kids could do that themselves to disrupt the morning.
  2. catseye
    100% agreed re: the credible intelligence that I'd hope the police had before doing this.

    I'm not sure about the parents needing to be present - I've tried a quick google around to see if I could find it, but I've not been successful.

    I wonder (and this is just speculation) if the school is able to act in loco parentis when it comes to something like this?

    There was a story earlier in the month from the States that I posted where a 12 year old was strip searched in front of his peers (by the principal!) after somebody claimed he was carrying drugs - the story above is worrying...that one made my skin crawl :s
  3. C11H15
    this is pathetic. imagine being stripped searched at that age. school is supposed to be a safe enviroment, not one where students have to fear the police.
    however, i do agree that drugs in school is a very bad idea but teach through education, not by intimidation.
    i think the police should have a really good look at themselves and see if they are what they have become.
    nowadays they are to be avoided.
  4. DiabolicScheme
    So can someone just tip off a teacher that so and so is carrying drugs and they'll just strip search them on the spot?

    I also can't imagine it being legal to strip search a minor without a parent present, I mean they can't interrogate a minor without parental presence I can't imagine a strip search not following the same guidelines.
  5. Phenoxide
    One would hope that they had something more specific than an unsubstantiated tip-off to go on. After all they did actually find what they were expecting, and they also knew that they were going to need a strip search to find the drugs. Lesson learned for these kids.. the long arm of the law will reach right down into your underpants if that's where you choose to keep your stash.

    Now this could be criticized as overzealous policing but if they recieve a tip-off about criminality involving minors then what choice do they have but to act on it? I'm not saying that it was well handled, but the police are there to enforce the drug laws rather than make them. My problem with it is that the article seems to suggest that the strip search was conducted on the school premises rather than at a police station - that seems rather inappropriate to me.
  6. Upper Downer
    I am unsure of british law but in Canada, similar to British law, I would legally be allowed to physically defend myself against an illegal search. Once the search becomes unlawful it is no longer a search it is assault! Trust me, I have a 'friend' who once was in that stituation ended up breaking the cops arm when he tried to put the cuffs on him and was able to escape. they had his credentials but never went after him
  7. Phenoxide
    Strip-search teens admit drug offence

    Police have revealed that two teenagers have admitted drugs possession after being strip-searched during an operation at Derbyshire’s biggest school.

    Derbyshire Police confirmed that two boys, aged 15 and 16, admitted the offence during interview after being arrested on Friday, March 9 at John Port School, in Etwall.

    The two Year 11 students were among 10 youths who were searched at the school after police received information that drugs had been smuggled onto the premises in their underwear. Drugs were found on the two pupils and were seized for analysis.

    Officers interviewed the pair after the drug was found to be 4-methylmethcathinone, commonly known as M-cat or Mephedrone. They admitted possessing the drug and have been bailed while officers liaise with members of the youth offending team to decide how they will be dealt with and what sanctions they will face.

    The force’s South Derbyshire section commander, Inspector Paul Cannon, said: “I’m pleased we’ve been able to take these drugs out of the school environment.

    “We will continue to work closely with the head teacher and other staff to maintain the high standards that John Port expects from its pupils.

    Drug misuse will not be tolerated.”

    The pair had been suspended by the school, which educates more than 2,000 pupils, until the completion of the police investigation but as the Mail went to press, no-one was able to confirm whether they had been allowed to return.

    Burton Mail
    28th March 2012
  8. coolhandluke
    done, when i was that age i was in and out of juvie, rehab, ect ect all the time, though i was a little fucker and broke the law all the time so maybe i wasn't of a typical 15 year olds mind set, who know. 15-16 really is not that young.

    i wonder who the credible source was? another 15 year old at the local middle school telling the principal that some little kid hits weed in his undies, i mean really who are the police talking to that would be considered credible giving info on kids hiding drugs in they underwear, either a pedophile or another kid. just kind of seems frivolous, sure they found a little bit of mephadrone, but hopefully it was just some school cop investigating and not someone who could be used for something more serious.
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