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  1. beentheredonethatagain
    beenthere was recently on the phone with an old hippie friend of mine, he was joking around with the old tale about johnny apple seed, take every pot seed you can get and during the warm spring weather, plant them,of course he is just dreaming , but let us take a moment and listen.

    in a recent issue of high times mag. a pot field growing wild in russia. many square miles of weed growing wild, around 500 square miles of wild crazy smoke , growing wild . hash is known for its potent high, a little match head sized ball of this plants resin will get smokers high for hours, cool.

    not sure how all the seeds were spilled in that area. .. but it cant be killed without wrecking the ecosystem.

    we can do that very thing that johnny apple seed is known and loved for, plant the seed, and do it every where and with love. btdta:thumbsup:


  1. Euthanatos93420
    Swim has been saying this forever. Overgrow the Government!
  2. wanderingaimlessly
    One of swims dreams has always been to get a crop duster and load it with seeds and fly all over the world spreading the joy.
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