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Joint operation smashes alleged drug syndicate

By buseman, Aug 12, 2010 | Updated: Aug 17, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    A joint Victoria Police and Australian Crime Commission (ACC) operation has resulted in the arrest of 12 people and seizure of around several million dollars worth of drugs today to smash a major drug syndicate operating in the inner and western suburbs of Melbourne.

    Drug Task Force detectives and Australian Crime Commission officers together with members from the Crime Department, Regional Response Units and local police, simultaneously executed search warrants at 14 properties from 5am this morning.

    The residential and commercial properties were located across a number of suburbs including Fitzroy, Keilor Downs, Brunswick, St Albans, Maribyrnong, Footscray, Sunshine, Braybrook, Deer Park and Collingwood.

    As a result, police located what is believed to be heroin with a street value of several million dollars and have seized around $20 million worth of residential and commercial real estate.

    Police also seized a sizable quantity of cash, around $2.5 million, and several vehicles.

    The investigation is continuing with the potential for further asset and drug seizures.

    These seizures are associated with a 10 month long operation, one of the largest of its type, investigating a suspected organised crime syndicate involved in the importation and distribution of drugs.

    Police have so far arrested 12 people in relation to this investigation including nine women and three men, all aged between 25 and 60.

    A number of other people are also currently assisting police with their enquiries.

    Head of the Victoria Police Drug Task Force, Detective Inspector John Potter said today’s result highlighted the effectiveness of multi-agency cooperation.

    As a result of this joint operation we believe we have been able to disrupt the activities of a significant drug and organised crime syndicate operating in our state, he said.

    Operations such as this should send a clear message to crime syndicates that Australian law enforcement is working together and will target anyone who thinks they can break our laws.

    Richard Grant, ACC’s National Manager, Target Development and Intervention agreed.

    Today’s result is an excellent example of intelligence-led policing and the power of collaboration between the agencies, he said.

    Through this collaboration, the ACC and its partner agencies are continuing to make significant inroads in curbing the flow of drugs on to the streets of Australia.

    Det Insp Potter said today’s result sends a strong message to the community.

    These joint operations have proven to be an incredibly powerful and efficient way of tackling the activities of criminal networks, he said.

    Victoria Police and other law enforcement agencies will continue to be vigilant in the pursuit of drug traffickers and will aggressively pursue anyone that sees our streets as an easy mark for illicit drug sales.

    Police were also assisted and supported by the Ministry of Housing during the operation.

    12 August 2010



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