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  1. Terrapinzflyer
    Joint Patrol Discovers 725 Kg of Hashish

    KABUL, Afghanistan - Afghan national security forces, assisted by international forces, discovered 725 kilograms of hashish while conducting a patrol in Registan district, Helmand province, Sunday, March 21.

    While on patrol, the combined force conducted a search of two vehicles, resulting in the discovery the hashish. Both drivers were detained.

    During questioning, the drivers admitted their intent was to deliver the drugs to Taliban members in Barham Chah, and that the route the combined forced was traveling was a main thoroughfare for drug smuggling.

    The hashish was seized and the drivers were taken into ANSF custody.

    "The seizure of these drugs will hamper the militants' ability to purchase materials for their crimes, making the Registan district safer for local citizens," said Capt. Rebecca Lykins, a coalition spokesperson.

    Date: 03.22.2010
    ISAF Joint Command



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