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Joke was on Me- Continued part 2

  1. LasVegasEd777
    So, there I was. In cahoots with a doctor pushing his agenda to "treat" narcotics addicts with more narcotics. Mind you, I never did anything technically illegal, but certainly it was morally questionable. After all, I was supposed to be seeing this so-called doctor for treatment. Instead I was funneling drug addicts to a pill doctor and being "taken care of" handsomely.
    This went on for some time. Actually, this went on right until the end.
    In the time that I knew Pete, he claimed to have "lost" 6 patients to overdose. I however did not see his incompetence fully until the last year of being his friend. I had created and managed two more websites for his now two more vacation properties, as well as managed the IT dept. at his Pahrump, NV office.
    By now he had been prescribing me methadone 80+ mg./day every 15 days or so (30 days worth), since 2005. He was also handing me Rx's for Xanax 8mg./day at the same time plus whatever else I asked for. At times, I had quite the stockpile of various pharmaceuticals. For the past ten years, he wasn't even billing my insurance for my visits. I would go there and listen to him bitch and moan about how his sons' both neglected to go to medical school and how they had disgraced him. Who was the therapist now? I would be sitting there telling a millionaire doctor how to manage his finances among other things, such as patients.
    As with everything, all "good" things must pass, and pass they did. It was just a matter of time before the flimsily built house of cards would come crashing down...
    To Be Continued...


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