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JON BON JOVI'S DAUGHTER Arrested For Heroin Possession After 'Suspected Overdose'

  1. Rob Cypher
    Jon Bon Jovi's 19-year-old daughter Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was arrested at her college in Upstate New York early this morning after allegedly overdosing on heroin ... TMZ has learned.

    According to the Town of Kirkland Police Department, cops responded to a dorm room at Hamilton College after someone reported that Stephanie had allegedly overdosed on heroin and was unresponsive.

    Along with police, emergency medical personnel also responded to the scene and found Stephanie alive.

    Cops say a drug task force searched the scene and found a "small quantity" of heroin ... along with marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

    Stephanie was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and criminally using drug paraphernalia -- all misdemeanors.

    Stephanie was eventually released from custody -- and ordered to appear in court at a later date.

    Another student was also arrested -- a 21-year-old male -- who was also charged with drug possession.

    Stephanie is Jon's only daughter -- and the oldest of his 4 children with wife Dorothea Hurley.



  1. Machiavellian
    Hmm... This is an interesting read. It's even more interesting considering I live not even 15 minutes from where she attends college. I'm surprised that I haven't seen this in the local news. It should be really interesting to see what happens from here on out, especially locally.
  2. Rob Cypher
    LOL this screams 'set-up' by somebody who's beefing (or a 'concerned friend/family member' attempting a form of 'intervention'). I don't think people pull themselves out of a dope OD that fast, at least not from my experience.
  3. runnerupbeautyqueen
    Stories like this are the reason why people are dumped in the parking lots of hospitals or left for dead in a ditch somewhere because their friends are afraid of being charged with shit. Aren't there good samaritan laws in place for situations exactly like this?

    Don't they need a search warrant to look for drugs? Or is it because they called 911 that they don't need one?

    So basically the lesson here is that if your friend is overdosing to call 911 and carry them outside of the house, or to get rid of everything before the cops get there? Because apparently trying to do the right thing and help people who are overdosing will just end up fucking up your life. Thank you TMZ for this lesson.
  4. talltom
    I agree this situation shows the need for good samaritan laws. Some states and local jurisdictions do have them; I don't know what the law is in Kirkland, NY. Also, what role should a college play since she was arrested on campus. Will she be expelled? At most, if she is found guilty of possession of heroin after an honest investigation, she should be placed on probation and into a treatment program. And what about the other student arrested for possession. It does not say if he called 911, or if his stash was separate from Stephanie's. But, as others said, he should NOT be arrested as a result of possibly saving a life.
  5. Machiavellian
    All charge have been dropped, according to local news. Apparently about a year ago a good samaritan law was added to the NYS Penal Code. It states that anyone seeking medical care in the event of an overdose, or anyone with someone seeking medical care in the result of an overdose, is immune from being charged with drug possession. The only exclusion in a case like this is if the amount of heroin found by police is greater than 8 ounces.
  6. snarkymalarky
    My sister goes to the same college and told me about this. The 21 year old male who was arrested is, according to her, Stephanie's "creepy dealer boyfriend."
  7. Drug Lawyer
    A client of mine recently overdosed on heroin. One of her kids found her and called 911. My client, who happens to be a nurse, is now facing the possibility of felony possession charges (around here the state likes to charge possession for residue in syringes). My research indicates that unlike other states (some of which requires a "useable amount") any detectable amount will suffice for felony prosecution. I find it terrible that the government will prosecute when the only reason one comes into contact with law enforcement is because of a medical problem. Just my thoughts.
  8. source
    Thats very sad to hear, especially under the circumstances surely facing charges will not do her mental health any good - again it's the old saying that addicts should not be treated as criminals and should be able to get all the state help available to help fight the addiction and issues causing it instead.
    In my eyes this is not a criminal case and neither is the one involving Stephanie Rose. Mental Health should be the main concern here... not that drugs were found be it residue in a barrel or a load of baggies, it shouldn't matter.

    Things like this really frustrate me, and will not help in lowering convictions because the root cause itself is not being addressed.
  9. Rob Cypher
    Jon Bon Jovi On Daughter's Heroin Overdose: 'Worst Phone Call Ever'

    Four months after his life got turned upside down, Jon Bon Jovi talked about his daughter Stephanie Bongiovi's heroin overdose.

    In an interview with Katie Couric on "Katie" last Friday (March 15), the famed singer spoke about the night he learned of what happened to his daughter in her Hamilton College dorm room, calling it the "worst phone call ever."

    He then explained that until that night, he was unaware of his daughter's drug use and the scare they faced served as a wake up call for him. "The problem is much more prevalent than I know," the 51-year-old rocker said. "I cannot get over how many people I've met that said 'my son' or 'my daughter' … There is a lot of pressure on kids these days."

    Bon Jovi quickly added that Stephanie, 19, is doing a lot better since her hospitalization. "She's doing great and I appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers," he said and added, "I'm just blessed she's healthy and whole, and we'll get through it."

    Back in November 2012, police was called to Bongiovi's dorm room at the upstate New York liberal arts college she attended after she was found unresponsive. Emergency services found her alive, and officers sent to the dorm found a small amount of heroin.

    A few weeks later, Bon Jovi made his first public comment regarding the incident. "I'm shocked as much as the next parent with this situation and had no idea," he told the AP at the time. "But then you surround them with best help and love and move on, and that's where we're at with it. Steph is a great kid."

    Huffington Post staff
    Posted: 03/21/2013 5:59 pm EDT
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