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  1. Alfa

    A CONVICTED sex offender who admitted sleeping with a 14-year-old girl walked free because a judge said he was high on dope.

    Child abuse charities Kidscape and the NSPCC branded the decision "open season on young girls".

    William Turton, 31, was told by recorder Christopher Wilson-Smith: "I am sure if you had not had cannabis you would have pushed her away.

    "Because of the special circumstances I am not sending you to prison. You are a very lucky man."

    He also said he believed the girl, who as a juvenile cannot consent to sex, was a willing sexual partner.

    Turton, who was convicted 13 years ago of sleeping with a 15-year-old girl, walked free from Dorchester crown court with a three-year community rehabilitation order.

    Earlier the prosecution told the court Thurton smoked dope at the girl's parents house in his home town of Yeovil, Somerset, and pounced on the girl after the family had gone to bed.

    Kidscape's Michael Elliot said yesterday: "It is open season on young girls and gives any child molester the perfect excuse he is not responsible for his actions."


  1. manda
    What a motherfreaker of a judge. High on dope? That's another charge for him, not a fucking get out of jail free card!!!! Stop me before I get anymore pissed at this total fucking moron.
  2. WhiteRyan
    I feel bad for the parents/girl 's involved. This sounds really out their, were was this located U.S., Europe, whatever. This really sucks that pot was the reason, its setting pot back here if ppl believe it. Just really **c**d UP.
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