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  1. Alfa

    A federal judge ruled on Friday that Ohio State University must allow
    a pro-marijuana festival to be held on the campus, in Columbus. The
    university administration had canceled the ninth annual Hempfest on

    "We are disappointed in the ruling," William Hall, vice president for
    student affairs, said Friday in a written statement. "But we respect
    the court's decision and will comply with the ruling."

    This year's Hempfest was held as scheduled on Saturday.

    The chief organizers of the event, Sean Luse and Mark Verhoff, said
    they received an e-mail message on Tuesday afternoon from Pat Hall,
    director of student judicial affairs, telling them that the festival
    had to be canceled. The festival's sponsoring organization, Students
    for Sensible Drug Policy, then asked Judge Algenon L. Marbley of the
    U.S. District Court in Columbus to bar the university from canceling
    the event.

    Mr. Luse said the reason given for the cancellation was that the
    student organization had not notified the campus police 10 business
    days before the event, as required. Mr. Luse said the group had put in
    its notification 10 days before the event, but not 10 weekdays.

    Rich Hollingsworth, associate vice president of student affairs, told
    the Associated Press that the cancellation had nothing to do with the
    event's theme.

    In his ruling, Judge Marbley said that "not allowing Hempfest to occur
    would deprive [the student group] and the Hempfest speakers and
    attendees their freedoms of speech and assembly."

    Mr. Luse said his group's lawyer had argued that the 10-day
    requirement was unnecessary because the campus police department works
    seven days a week. The 10-day rule was instituted by university
    officials when campus police officers found members of the group
    smoking marijuana at a campus function in November.

    The students are also seeking compensation for financial and economic
    damages, Mr. Luse said. Arguments on that issue will be heard at a
    later date.

    "We were very surprised, but we knew we had a strong case," he said of
    the ruling. "I think this is inspiring to student groups across the
    country. Students need to know that when someone plays around with

    your constitutional rights, you can win."

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  1. sands of time
    Its good to see someone is on our side
  2. davidBuster23
    Yet another large jackass organization is put in its place because someone had the presence of mind to call their lawyer and fight.
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