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Judge Sets Bond for Police Chief

By buseman, Jun 16, 2010 | |
  1. buseman
    MCALLEN - A federal judge set the Sullivan City police chief's bond at $100,000.

    Hernan Guerra will need to make a $10,000 deposit to the court to make sure he attends each of his court appearances. The police chief, who is now on administrative leave, appeared before the federal judge this afternoon.

    His family was close by for support. It was his first appearance since his arrest last week.

    Along with the dollar amount, the judge set very strict restrictions and conditions for bond.

    Guerra isn't allowed to contact any of the other defendants in the case. He will be required to remain under house arrest and wear a GPS tracking device.

    Guerra won't be allowed to perform any law enforcement role and can't possess any firearms. He's also won't be allowed to possess any control substances.

    Federal authorities say Guerra was among 400 people arrested in a nationwide federal operation targeting people who worked for drug cartels.

    The indictment against Guerra is still partially sealed.

    But the judge outlined some of the charges against the Sullivan City police chief. The judge said the police chief used his position as part of a complex drug smuggling operation.

    Jury selection in his case has been set for late August.



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