Judge throws out evidence and dismisses pot case

By Mick Mouse · Nov 7, 2006 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    Last November, LE in Tucson announced the break-up of what they say is the most sophisticated MJ growing operations they have ever seen.

    They found more than 700 plants and seedlings and estimated the value at 1.4 million along with a dozen grocery- sized sacks of dried product

    In the main room, three rows of planters held plants 10 deep and 5 across, with the mature plants producing 1 to 4 pounds every 6 months. Heat lamps were on timers, hydroponic systems were set up, ventilation systems consisted of CO2 and classical music being played.

    Police saw what they believe to be a "mother plant" at about 6 feet tall with a trunk as big as a wrapping paper tube.

    They also found 2 assault rifles in a safe.

    Charges included production of marijuana, possession of marijuana. possession of marijuana for sale, possession of paraphenalia, and possession of a firearm during a narcotic offense.

    On Oct. 25, Judge Edgar Acuna dismissed the charges after he ruled that officers found the marijuana after entering the yard illegally and the prodecuter was told that she could not use the plants, seedlings, and growing equipment for evidence.

    One more win for the good guys!

    Source:Arizona Daily Star

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  1. grecian
    Does this make swiy wonder how many other cases could be or should have been dimissed?
    Do these things depend solely on the judges decision or would a good lawyer be able to get people out of trouble if they were prosectuted in similar circumstances?
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