Just can't stay away!

By Mick Mouse · Sep 30, 2016 · ·
  1. Mick Mouse
    Well, it has finally come to this, I just could not stay away. I took a little journey to "find myself" and, in doing so, I rediscovered.....life. Happiness. Satisfaction, even! I have come to terms with the death of The Dog. I will never get over her, but I understand why she had to go. I have even forgiven my Goddess for taking her! As if that is not hubris personified. Still have one Rotten Little Kitten left, but she has three "trainees", so it is assured that I will continue to be vexed by cats for quite some time to come.

    it was all about death. Death of my friends, death of my trusted companions. The death of my feelings and finally, the death of my compassion. But death is not an end, it is a beginning. And I had forgotten that. I had forgotten that it is how you live that counts. Don't get me wrong, HOW you die is equally important as well, but not necessarily when you die. I had started to see death as an adversary, rather than an old friend. But the error of my ways was shown to me, and I decided to reengage with life.

    Some may wonder at the new screen name. Well, Mick Mouse was my original name way back in the day when I first became a member, 10 years or so ago. Mick went to prison, and toxinreleased came out. Toxin morphed into someone, who then became someone else. Mick was an OK guy, but his passion for knowledge led him down dark pathways and he had to go away. He got lost in the Dark Side, but he is back again. Older, wiser, not as willing to take stupid chances, and a much nicer person. Still sarcastic (that will never change), but not.....mean.

    As with everything, time will tell. But it is good to be back home again!

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  1. detoxin momma
    well, you know what they say, sometimes you have to go to that side to get to this one....
    Ive known you to have 3 names, its nice to meet this Mick guy....

    I will never get over my dog that died too young either, he willl always go down as my favorite dog, no matter what the future brings. I do hope to meet up with him on that rainbow road.....I'm sure hes up there chasing tires and given em hell:laugh:

  2. cren
    I love how you have different names depending on where you are at. You are definitely one of the more interesting characters.
  3. Mick Mouse
    a name should be a reflection of who (or what) you are.
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