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By helikophis · Oct 1, 2010 · ·
  1. helikophis
    When i have been very sad and lonely I have prayed to jesus and mary and the saints and my guardian angel and my ancestors. That has pulled me through the darkest parts of my life. All I'm saying is it works for me and you being a practical person, I think it might work for you, too.

    Hey I gave five options but if none of those work for you, I've also prayed to demons and trees and bodies of water, viruses and planets and stars and the totality of creation if that helps. Whatever you can truthfully pray to, even if it's nothing but your own shadow, pray to it! I cannot comprehend a life of joy and happiness without the deliberate practice of expressing my thanks for the beauty of all these things.

    There are a lot of options in prayer. When I pray, I deliberately recall the people and the places and I love, and list the things that I love about them and list the good things that I hope will happen to them, and I feel sorrow for the times that I have been hurtful and interfered with good things happening, and I express my hopes for a better world and ask that I have a place in the task of creating that world. How could I not cry and smile and laugh and release myself in that process? Pray to yeast, if that's what it takes. I myself have done some fervent praying involving yeast and it's products, not to mention other members of the great mycological tribe who are disposed to intervening in human affairs. Anyway if you have a yeast infection it might work better than that stupid cream.

    If you can't think of anything good you can say about anyone in your life, try dead people. Dead people are a sure-fire prayer starter. It's easy to feel that loved ones are watching over me and helping me and protecting me unconditionally when they don't have to worry about the messy material things like bodies and alcoholism and grief to cause them to contradict me. And I try to do justice to the beauty the brought to my life. But hey, maybe you have known more creepy people who now happen to be dead than I am. I'm also told post-it notes can be useful in prayer but this is a trick I haven't figured out yet.
    Anyway, my point is, just pray!

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  1. Synesthesiac
    I don't pray to anything externally."All gods are homemade, and it is we who pull their strings, and so, give them the power to pull ours.” Aldous Huxley. I personally do not believe in any sort of external god or spirit, asking them to sort out problems will get you no-where. However, the power of intention (or the 'power of positive thinking', or sometimes called the "law of attraction" [this term has many negative connections to new age mysticism, so I try to avoid using it]) has an absolutely massive effect on real world things. Because at the end of the day everything we do everything we create and everything we achieve originates from our intentions and our mind. The placebo effect is a very small example of the power of our intentions and prairs, but a very good one to understand what i am getting at. Thus I see meditation, praying and the power of intention as virtually the same thing. It just takes adequate knowledge and training about how to use it properly to enable it to make real positive changes in the real world.
  2. helikophis
    Ah who said anything about asking spirits to sort things out for us? What I said was this:

    What does that have to do with spirits? I guess the "ask that I have a place..." could be interpreted as "asking [an external spirit] to sort out problems," but it certainly wasn't meant that way.

    I try to keep an open mind about things, but I see the "power of intention" as a pretty dubious concept, unless that intention is coupled with realistic plans and determined action. What I am talking about is taking inventory of life and love and and hopes and fears, trying to set these things in perspective, and developing a plan for a better life. I'm talking about overcoming darkness in life by deliberately engaging in a practice of embracing the brightness.

    This doesn't have anything to do with spirits, other than the Spirit of man (or better - overman). I do see a value in externalizing prayer - praying "to" someone or something - this is a bastion against nihilism and solipsism, and a way of moving focus beyond the narrow perspective of our personal struggle. I have found that this is most effective if the prayer is fervent and the faith true - but the faith that I mean is not the faith of fundamentalists and slaves.

    It's hard to say what I mean without making it seem deceptive, but that kind of faith has little to do with "belief" - it doesn't attach any kind of ontological reality to the object of faith. It's a kind of expedient, but one meant very much in earnest. This is, in fact, a development of Huxley's axiom you quoted - these gods are creations of the mind of man, and as such they may be used to create an effect on the mind of man. The gods may be unreal, but the effect of prayer is very real.

    Gospel of Thomas says something like what I'm getting at:
  3. Synesthesiac
    Ok, your clarification makes your op a lot clearer to me and my reply was obviously a bit hasty and presumptuous. You've essentially written what I was trying to portray in a far more eloquent way. Peace.
  4. Potter
    I love the Gospel of Thomas. I honestly believe that the removal of that book from the canon bible was one of the worst influences on the course human history, as far as set and setting go.
  5. ex-junkie
    I did not have a religious upbringing, however I have always thanked the universe for all things positive. Positivity is such a strong force and it acts like a magnet. It draws more positivity your way. Even when things are tough, I thank the universe in advance for the positive outcomes instead of focusing attention on the negative aspects. This method has worked for me extremely well since I started doing this in 2005. :thumbsup:
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