Just say no Anti-drug group calls for youths to take pledge (Ireland)

By Lunar Loops · Apr 25, 2007 · ·
  1. Lunar Loops
    This particular gem of a piece appeared in The Irish Independent last week. Noteworthy for the quote by the governor of Mountjoy prison (now why would he have been asked to be involved in this scheme I wonder?????) where he states "It is unhealthy to be pumping your body with unnatural products". Cannabis unnatural? Of course SWIS could go on with a VERY long list here, but SWIUs all get the picture. Even better is the idea that a pioneer style badge is going to make a blind bit of difference to anything (for those outside of the country th pioneer badge was worn by those who swore never to touch a drop of alcohol and goes back donkey's years, supported by the church). After all, the pioneer badge really put a stop to people drinking in Ireland didn't it? Anyway, I digress, onto the article:

    Just say no Anti-drug group calls for youths to take pledge

    MOUNTJOY Prison governor John Lonergan said yesterday he was opposed to any arguments which called for the legalisation of drugs. "It is unhealthy to be pumping your body with unnatural products," he said. Mr Lonergan was speaking at the launch of a new Pioneer-style anti-drugs campaign and badge which is targeted at teenagers.
    Stad Le Cheile, or Stand Together Against Drugs, is a group of people who banded together to tackle the problem of drugs. The brainchild of former Fianna Fail Senator Des Hanafin and his son, Senator John Hanafin, the aim of the group is to promote an anti-drugs emblem and pledge.
    "The idea is that young people would sign a pledge which is their own personal commitment and the emblem is a symbol of that," John Hanafin said. The emblem is modelled on a sculpture, called 'Home', which is based in Dublin's north inner city. Its flame and open door commemorates those whose lives were lost to drugs.
    One of those responsible for the sculpture being erected, Sadie Grace of the Family Support Network, said she was pleased to support the campaign. "If it stops one child getting addicted, it will be worth it," she said.
    Our picture shows Jacqlynn Arkins, from North Wall, holding up the new 'Badge'.


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  1. The Doors
    Our body is fed unnatural substances every day and were not dead.

    And as shroom mentionned, if cannabis isnt natural, I wonder what tobacco is.
  2. stoneinfocus
    Amanita muscaria, venom, H2S, Ozone, NO, Oil, methanol, acids .... all invented by the unnatural devil oh- and yes, I´m willig to suffer the rest of my dickless live of traumata and pain, for one kid not getting high on some stuff that helped millions of others, and thsi kust because the parents weren´t able to give this kid something better than drug´s worth? -yes, sure!
  3. podge
    Swim wonder's where he could get one of those emblem's to wear around for fun.
  4. zera
    You with the cholestrol problem quit taking those statins, what do you want to die, hey you with the diabetes, you better not be pumping your body full of artificially manufactured insulin, OH MY GAWD!! Did that person just take a tylenol for his headache, call 911, immediately!
  5. Nagognog2
    Wait a second...so if you lead a healthy life and only eat natural foods - and then you die - you died from natural causes?! Ban the Environment! The Earth is out to get you! More shopping-malls! More roads! Pave EVERYTHING!

    Damn trees. I knew this would happen! Woman! Fetch me my chainsaw! <Wrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!>
  6. PingoTango
    We should all buy one and wear them with pride. That'll render them meaningless, like US soldiers wearing CND badges as they hosed down vietnamese farmers with flamethrowers and hot lead in the 60s...
  7. Veteran Joker
    Swim is in agreement, especially if they hand them out for free.
  8. Senor Gribson
    Swim was just about to go get a cheeseburger but you've convinced him against it. He'll take the healthy natural route and go smoke a j instead.
  9. Nacumen
    I never understood groups like this. They're basically getting these kids so obsessed with thinking about not doing drugs that they become addicted to not being addicted. I feel bad for the manipulated youth.
  10. brighteyes88
    "healthy living is the slowest possible way to die."
    and probably the most boring.
    drug ppl are the pioneers. anti drug ppl are the ones too scared to leave the house.

    so, dont hate them, feel sorry for them
  11. hoodabudda
    like the anti tobacco ads..there funded by the tobacco companys because the tobacco companies know that if they tell kids not to do somthing there going to do it just because they were told not to.("jimmy!! don't you push that red button, you hear me!!").like some sort of backwards advertising.if I owned a tobbaco corp. i would send a bunch of prepy, nerdy teenagers to all the high schools to do a tobacco awareness assembly and have them say "now remember if you dont smoke you'll be cool just like us, and besides if you buy ciggarettes all the time you wont be able to afford a new, ultra cool model 9000 graphing calculator*brandishes laptop sized calculator*. BAM customers for life. The pothead/druggie culture should start an urban legend that dare pins worn at a 45 degree angle mean DrugsAreReallyExciting or suptin.at my old school there was a gang colored dress code problem and the skool banned some color combos(HUGE ordeal) so swim suggested to the gangs leader or w/e that they switch the gangs colors to the school colors.swim hates gangs but he hated skool more and wanted to see them beaten at there own game...by now im probably rambling so....
  12. Nature Boy
    Would be a nice way to throw off police officers for those unwanted searches. "Why...I couldn't possibly do drugs, look! I have an emblem."
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