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Justin Bieber -- Treasure Trove of Drugs In Mansion During Raid

By ZenobiaSky, Jan 21, 2014 | Updated: Jan 26, 2014 | | |
  1. ZenobiaSky
    20784.jpg Justin Bieber had ‘cookie jars’ full of weed, empty codeine bottles in house during cop raid. The pop star had evidence of substantial drug use at his Calabasas home, but police were unable to go beyond the egg-raid search warrant.

    Justin Bieber’s mansion reportedly was stuffed with drugs and paraphernalia when cops rolled up to serve an egging-related search warrant last week.

    Two large cookie jars loaded with marijuana sat in plain view of the dozen detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, an unidentified source told TMZ.com.

    The notorious party palace also contained four or five empty codeine bottles along with empty Fanta bottles, TMZ said.

    The Fanta bottles appeared to be discolored by the codeine, a sign they were used to mix the narcotic drink Sizzurp, also called “lean.”

    Luckily for the Biebs, the deputies were raiding the house for surveillance equipment and other evidence that could tie him to a recent egging of his neighbor’s mansion – not drugs.

    “It’s pretty widely known the kid smokes weed,” Lt. David Thompson, the lead detective on the case, told the Daily News Thursday.

    “We’re not doing some big sting on Justin Bieber,” Thompson said. “We didn’t go opening containers and pulling out drawers. This was about the egging.”

    According to TMZ, the house also contained one bong in the TV room, two bongs in the kitchen, a dedicated smoking room outfitted with hookah pipes and special cigars used for making blunts.

    Lt. Thompson said Bieber’s sidekick Xavier (Lil Za) Smith, 20, only got arrested because drugs were found in his bedroom, and the aspiring rapper allegedly admitted they were his.

    “It was right in our face,” Lt. Thompson said.

    He said the drugs – originally thought to include cocaine – were most likely “Molly,” a powdered form of MDMA (Ecstasy), and Xanax, an anti-anxiety drug for which Smith did not have a prescription.

    Smith was arrested and booked on suspicion of felony drug possession Tuesday and got slapped with another charge of felony vandalism after he allegedly damaged a wall phone in his holding cell, cops said.

    Bieber, 19, is under investigation for allegedly hurling raw eggs at his next-door neighbor’s house two weeks ago.

    The irate neighbor has claimed he saw the Canadian crooner from his second-floor balcony and even videotaped some of the verbal exchange.

    Neighbor Jeffrey Schwartz quickly called police and claimed Bieber threw at least 20 eggs at his home, causing about $20,000 worth of damage to his plaster and stained wood exterior.

    Lt. Thompson said detectives seized surveillance footage from Bieber's crib and expected a report on the contents in a matter of days.

    “It was a good security system, but whether it covers the time of the alleged egging, we’re still not sure,” he said. “It might show people walking out of the house at the time of the egging and then coming back with an egg carton. That would enhance the case. If it doesn’t, then it will be up to the District Attorney.”

    He defended his decision to search the house with a dozen detectives in nine cars.

    “I’m a taxpayer as well, so I understand all the questions. But a judge signed a search warrant, and we knew there was a humongous main house, a guest house, a 10-car garage, armed security and likely several people staying there,” he said.

    He said four people left Bieber’s house minutes before the search warrant was served, and cops found seven people in the mansion originally and an eighth person who arrived during the search.

    “So that’s 12 people, or one-to-one odds, which honestly is not good,” he said. “Knowing he had armed security, we could have used SWAT and rappelled out of helicopters. But I declined that. And we took nine cars because we wanted to be prepared if a significant crime broke out elsewhere. If we all went in a bus or a clown car, nobody could leave on their own.”

    He said eggings aren’t funny when a victim complains of real damage.

    “This is something that’s probably done by every frat brother on every college campus every weekend. But Justin’s problem is that he doesn’t live in a frat house. He lives around upscale, prominent people who don’t want their houses damaged.”

    Bieber has not spoken publicly about the Tuesday search, and his reps declined to comment when contacted by The News.

    Some in Bieber’s camp want the singer to go to rehab, TMZ reported.

    A source close to Schwartz said the raw eggs wreaked havoc on the house's pricey plaster and imported wood exterior.

    “The Venetian plaster can be damaged easily. Once it stains, you can’t just spot clean it,” a source close to Schwartz told The News.

    “He’s a little punk head,” the source said of Bieber. “He thinks these are funny pranks, but they’re not. Parties that go until 5 a.m. with the music blasting aren’t funny in a family-oriented neighborhood. He needs to own up to what he is doing. He’s got major issues.”



  1. Healer
    Hes a little punk head who's got major issues. Lol no he's a kid who wasn't able to actually live his childhood and do this shit back when he should of been doing it because of his career. Granted he was probably high as shit and somebody brought up the idea to egg houses. Stupid judgement on his part to egg his neighbors though...I guess due to his non-illegal doing childhood he hasn't learned much street smarts.
  2. ZenobiaSky
    Sheriff Confirms That Justin Bieber's Home Was Not Filled With Drugs, Despite Reports

    Despite reports to the contrary, police did not find Justin Bieber's home "filled" with drugs during the raid last week.

    The Los Angeles Sheriff reiterated to E! News that police did not see any illegal substances in the Biebs' Calabasas home except for the drugs found in Lil Za's room—which he was subsequently arrested for.

    The Sheriff also confirmed that authorities did not see any codeine bottles, containers of drugs or weed throughout the mansion.

    There's also speculation that Biebs has a "smoke room" and that the private residence smelled of marijuana during the raid.

    However, the Sheriff debunked those rumors and said that no such room was found and that Bieber's home was" well kept and clean" and "didn't smell or have an unusual odor."

    So there you have it.

    Police continue to explain that the primary focus of the raid was to find surveillance footage stemming from an egg-throwing incident allegedly between the "As Long As You Love Me" singer and his next-door neighbor.
    Security tapes and the singer's cellphone were confiscated during the search and have been sent to a tech team for a full investigation.

    According to the police report, detectives from the Lost Hills/Malibu Sheriff's Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department began searching Biebs' pad around 8 a.m. on Jan. 14.

    "The purpose of the search warrant is to seek video surveillance or other possible evidence in the vandalism that occurred on January 9, 2014," the report stated. "The vandalism damage is estimated by the homeowner to be approximately $20,000."

    Bieber's reps declined to comment on the latest involving the investigation.

    by LILY HARRISON and Lindsay Good E News PUBLISHED: MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 2014
  3. Basoodler
    I thought that a warrant could be expanded on the fly if the police came across solid probabal cause.. Like cookie jars full of weed. ?

    Considering the purpose of the search, and the arrest of his buddy during the raid I would hypothesise that the truth is a mix of both stories. Most of the house was clean, but a portion was set aside for getting high..and beiber's buddy took responsibility because he gets paid to do so.

    Theory II (more likely :p ) - cops found drugs, and beib's handler negotiated the proceedings by generously dolling out cash to the cops in charge.. After the raid an officer who had no idea his bosses were paid off talks to TMZ .. The supervising officer puts a gag on it and cleans up the story, (because he wants to keep the car or college fund he was given)

    Theory III - cops will wait around sitting on a drug raid warrant for an oppertune time to conduct a raid.. Ala Aaron Hernandez
  4. Rob Cypher
    Is Justin Bieber Abusing "Sizzurp"?

    Justin Bieber is using drugs with alarming regularity ... and it's making him so erratic his people have been urging him to go to rehab ... sources closely connected with the singer tell TMZ.

    Multiple credible, connected sources tell us ... Bieber has been using sizzurp regularly. It's typically codeine and promethazine mixed with Sprite and a Jolly Rancher. Bieber and his crew refer to it as "lean." It's a very dangerous narcotic that can trigger seizures, and even worse.

    But that's not the only drug Bieber is using. We're told he's been taking lots of prescription pills, including Xanax, in addition to lots of alcohol and weed.

    Our sources insist he does NOT do cocaine and has never done it in his life.

    We're told a number of people are very worried and have urged him to get help -- including going to rehab.

    January 18, 2014

  5. bigloc
    The cops raided his house over egging don't they have anything better to do, I hope they have a fridge for the weapons of mass destruction "eggs" that they busted him with. How can 20 eggs cause 20,000 dollars worth of damage that's bullshit.
  6. kumar420
    The house he egged was probably worth a few million dollars- a million of that would probably be the sheer amount of stained wood inside the house. The front door alone is probably worth close to 20 grand, its probably made from some endangered species of hardwood tree, like brazillian teak

    These pop stars seem to be little shits... Commit all sorts of felonies and their ridiculously highly paid lawyers get them off with no difficulty whatsoever. Talk about sending a shitty message to children....

    Amanda bynes hurling bongs out of apartment buildings, miley cyrus abusing ecstasy and herb, beiber egging people's houses and drinking codeine syrup.... None of it bodes well for this generation of adolescents. There's even people my age who look up to beiber and his ilk... its really pathetic.
  7. Rob Cypher
    Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI, Drag Racing, and Resisting Arrest

    [IMGR="white"]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=36856&stc=1&d=1390508280[/IMGR]Justin Bieber was arrested for DUI early Thursday morning and it wasn't pretty -- cops say Justin was wasted and resisted arrest and cussed the cop out, dropping multiple F bombs ... TMZ has learned.

    Justin posed for a smiley mug shot moments after the arrest -- while sporting a jail-issued orange jumpsuit.

    Law enforcement tells us ... Bieber was busted in Miami Beach and it didn't end with DUI ... he was also busted for resisting arrest without violence, drag racing and driving on an expired license.

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they believe Justin was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol.

    We're told ... Justin blew a .04. That would not automatically make him a drunk driver -- IF he were 21 or older. But Justin is 19, and Florida has a zero tolerance for underage drinkers who drive. A BAC higher than .02 is ground for an automatic license suspension.

    In fact, officials held a news conference and said, "[Justin] made statements he had consumed some alcohol, been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication."

    According to the police report -- obtained by TMZ -- cops approached Bieber's car and they instantly realized he reeked of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes. He had a "stupor" look on his face.

    The police report says ... Bieber was defiant from the get-go, yelling at the cops, "Why the fuck are you doing this?" He also yelled, "What the fuck did I do. Why did you stop me?"

    When the officer tried to perform a routine pat down, Bieber said, "I ain't got no fucking weapons, why do you have to search me? What the fuck is this about?" Bieber claimed he wasn't drunk and coming back from recording music. That's not true, because we knew he was at a club.

    Now the basis for the resisting arrest charge -- Before the pat down, as Bieber got out of the car, he "kept going into his pants pocket." The cop ordered him to put his hands on the vehicle, and Bieber initially complied but soon took his hands off the car, turned and then cussed out the cop. The cop then grabbed Justin by the right arm, Justin pulled his arm away, and said, "What the fuck are you doing?"

    The report says Justin was driving between 55 and 60 MPH in a 30 MPH residential area.

    Bieber was taken into custody and transported to the police department where his blood alcohol level was tested. Our law enforcement sources say Justin was given a field sobriety test at the scene ... and failed.

    His was then taken to jail where he was booked and processed.

    We're told Bieber had just left SET nightclub and was driving a yellow Lamborghini at the time cops spotted him in a residential neighborhood. Our sources say Justin's people actually blocked the street off so Bieber could drag race.

    Sources say the person Justin was racing was also arrested. We're told that driver was Khalil, a well-known rapper on Def Jam Records. He was in a red Ferrari.

    Justin had a passenger in the car -- Chantel Jeffries -- a model, who's dated multiple celebs including an NFL superstar.

    The traffic stop was for drag racing and cops determined he was driving under the influence.

    January 23, 2014

  8. Rob Cypher
    Justin Bieber Tells Police His Mom Is The One Giving Him Drugs

    [IMGR="white"]http://www.drugs-forum.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=36857&stc=1&d=1390508435[/IMGR] Justin Bieber just ratted on one of his drug suppliers to police -- telling cops, HIS MOM is the one who gave him the prescription medication he took shortly before his DUI arrest.

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, cops grilled Bieber on what substances he had ingested before his arrest ... and the singer admitted he was under the influence of Rx meds, alcohol, and weed.

    When asked what kind of Rx meds, we're told Bieber said anti-anxiety (such as Xanax) but he wasn't sure exactly what kind ... because he just takes whatever his mom Pattie gives him.

    It's unclear if he has his own prescriptions for the drugs -- and his mom just handles them -- or if he's using his mom's prescriptions ... which would be illegal. If Bieber does have a valid prescription , the presence of the substance in his system probably won't be held against him.

    As we reported, when police raided Bieber's house following the infamous egg attack, they found Xanax pills in the home ... so it all syncs up.

    As we reported, Bieber also allegedly had a blood alcohol level of .04 ... and that will definitely come back to bite him in the ass.

    We've reached out to Bieber's mom ... so far, no comment.

    January 23, 2014

  9. Alien Sex Fiend
    i bet Justin will end up like Jackson... before 30. I know it sounds somewhat grizzly but he is not the first teen popstar who goes down that path
  10. Basoodler
    It sounds like his level of maturity and level of personal responsibility are stuck at around the same level as it was when he blew up.. He is still 14.

    If the xanax is legal, he would have had to see a Dr. Who would presumably discuss what drugs he has prescribed.. I guess beibs could be letting mommy talk to the doctor like a 12 year old.. Even then he would have to at least be present or in communication..

    I guess stars can probably call a crooked Dr and get whatever. That isn't exactly legal.. His ignorance of his medication in this way may throw the Dr. Under the bus. With all the Michael Jackson prescription hoopla.

    My guess is they are illegal and the dumb ass threw his mom under the bus..like a 14 year old would..
  11. ZenobiaSky
    Justin Bieber toxicology report: Marijuana, Xanax

    Justin Bieber toxicology report: Marijuana, Xanax

    The toxicology report for Justin Bieber from his recent Miami arrest is out, reports TMZ and NBC 6 in Miami.

    The pop star, 19, who was tested right after he was arrested for driving under the influence on Jan. 23, came up positive for THC and Alprazolam, says TMZ.

    THC is in marijuana and Alprazolam is the key ingredient in Xanax (prescription anti-anxiety medication).

    The report also shows Bieber tested negative for cocaine, opiates, meth and other drugs. It all jibes with what he told police when he was arrested.

    Bieber pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to charges of DUI. He has an arraignment set for Feb. 14, but does not need to be present.

    Meanwhile, Justin's dad, Jeremy Bieber, tweeted a photo this morning, noting that the pop star is home (with half-brother Jaxson) "safe and sound."

    Justin Bieber toxicology report: Marijuana, Xanax
    Ann Oldenburg
    12:02 p.m. EST January 30, 2014
  12. D0pe
    A little off topic but very possible.. If Justin Beiber woke up and found a Condom in his ass after a night of partying do you think he would call the police..

    Within the realm of possibility with other pop stars i see him going into a downward spiral.. It will consist of STD's, Drugs, losing money, and his fans leaving him.. He will be left with the creepy 40-50 year old bald guys that go to his concerts wearing hello kitty fanny packs and medium sized t-shirts. Not sure but when i see this kid i picture it all having a bad ending...

    Well at least he is Rich, You cannot slam a kid for being rich.. You would think it would be nice to have millions of dollars and all the attention with the added benefit of going to a country club for rehab.
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