K-2 Manufacturing Center Shut Down In Fort Worth

By Terrapinzflyer · Sep 21, 2010 · ·
  1. Terrapinzflyer
    An anonymous complaint of a strong and noxious odor at an East Fort Worth business named Herbal Incense and Tobacco Products led authorities to a K-2 manufacturing or packaging facility.

    K-2 is often called synthetic marijuana. The substance is labeled as not for human consumption, but is incense sprayed with a synthetic form of THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana, which triggers a high within the user.

    It's still legal in Fort Worth, and police said no narcotics laws were broken. But the fire department shut down the business because it did not have a certificate of occupancy, and the walls and wiring were not completed.

    The noxious odor was apparent inside the building. The business owner, Sonny Saleem, said he has operated for about a month near the intersection of North Beach and East First Streets and didn't realize he needed a certificate of occupancy.

    He said he moved here from Dallas, which is one of many North Texas cities that have either restricted the sale of K-2, or passed an outright ban.

    He previously relocated to Dallas from Missouri after that state banned the substance.

    Fort Worth Police spokesman Sgt. Chad Mahaffey said the city is researching its own K-2 ordinance.

    "We're looking at various legislative options that have been used and could be used," he said. "The most important aspect of this, we're working with our city leaders."

    Saleem said he will move his business and 70 employees to a new location. There is no word as to if the city will draft an ordinance restricting or banning the use of K-2. State lawmakers are also considering legislation.

    Jack Fink
    September 20, 2010

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  1. Alfa
    70 people packing K2? That must be a massive operation. Does anyone know how much K2 one person can pack a day? At full time employment they must be producing hundreds of thousands or likely even several millions of packs of K2 a month in this facility. Oh my god. I wonder how much they sell. Does anyone know how much K2 and similar brands is being sold in the USA?
  2. rawbeer
    A friend sells lot of glass work to local headshops in St Louis, MO. One of his customers told him he had made $90,000 on the stuff at his headshop last year.

    If he's to be believed, and that $90,000 was profit he earned, rather than just sales, then that's a shitload of K2....but what's the profit margin?

    And even if it's just sales, considering all the headshops and gas stations that sold this stuff, and online sales...it's hard to guess but hundreds of thousands of units seems easy to imagine.
  3. Alfa
    Is it possible to see the tax statement or find the yearly revenue statements of K2 / spice companies? It would be very interesting to find out how large and widespread the spice sales are. It would also be interesting to have some indication how many packs have been sold, as that gives an indication of the safety of popular cannabinoids.
    With all these bans, surely the amount sold without incidents and some products available since 2004, this must bear some weight?

    If anyone can get their hands on such information then please let me know.
  4. Terrapinzflyer
    ^^ they are almost certainly privately held companies- meaning their financials are not made public. They would need to be a publically traded company for them to be required to release their financial info.

    As to packaging- this is a quote from an article from the AP from a shop in missourri:
    those numbers work out to ~20 gram bags per hr - pretty slow IMHO.

    And I have seen mentions from headshops in various articles indicating sales off $400,000 to $800,000 a year (total sales- not profit)
  5. imyourlittlebare
    With the american economy the way it is, 70 jobs lost would be a huge hit to that local area. Hopefully they will take that into consideration before jumping the gun on the legislative side.
  6. godztear
    I'm going to go ahead and guess that the 70 people employed is an over estimated number in order to play the victim roll in the situation. Factories that feed the nation run on less employees. see Gilster Mary Lee and every noodle/potato concoction that you can buy from the local grocery store. Not to mention he said that he had recently moved into the area to set up his shop after a city ban where he was from. So 70 people were so whole heartily ready to follow this man to the next city where it will soon become illegal as well? How many employee's where fresh from the Mexican border and full and well prepared to live the nomadic life of pack up and go? I am geographically inclined to suggest that those numbers are high enough, but 70 is still far fetched.

    You would need the name of the company, which is source discussion, or the name of the owner in order to find out any specific info on the company. Private business or not, he still has to pay taxes and register the business otherwise it is an illegal operation and we all know that the owners of businesses like these are comfortable with the grey zone but shy clear of full on illicit activities.

    It would almost be best if these details were known. From the sounds of the article this operation they had was just as bad as whipping the mixture up in a bath tub. It says he didn't realize he needed any proof that he was using the place for his "incense" business. Oh come on....really?

    So many different brands are comming into play in the USA, K2 has become a name like "Marijuana" is a name to weed plants, no matter the strain. Anyone can walk into just about any gas station and ask for K2 then be shown multiple different items of similar standards.

    The real kicker is, now there is a rush to see which blend has the better/stronger effect. I can foresee unknown substances soon to be mixed into the blends due to the time tested saying "Money talks, bullshit walks"
  7. divinemomentsoftruth
    This is really startling news. How many more times can he move before the legal gap is closed everywhere?

    It may be the under-informed sensationalist journalism (although this one wasn't too bad), but seriously this guy gives RCs a real bad name like many other individuals in my disapointed roller skates opinion. This article makes them think about clandestine labs like dangerous bullshit that should never be attempted (ala shake and bake meth cook, swim knows that topic is frowned upon, but is it alright to reference in the context is should never happen? swim would think but he never feels like he's careful enough with the rules).

    Okay mr. Bigshot, lets operate our million dollar business out of an old warehouse with half-assed walls, and the wiring who needs all that? It's not like solvents like acetone are highly flammable or anything and could cause an explosion if the exposed to the sparking innards of the building. For real dude? You think you can operate a business in a building with out furnishing proof that you're operating a business? :rolleyes: Genius. Personally the skates would like to see this guy (and probably many more just like him) out of business. They're the reason why he can't leave his house for a walk in the park with out some punk high school student (WHO THE FUCK IS THE PEON SELLING HERBAL INCENSE TO KIDS UNDER 18 by the way?!!!!?!?!) offering him "legal shit" which he stockpiled from the local head shop for a "handling" surcharge.

    Maybe the mdma is getting to my conspiracy theory minded pair of roller skates, and he's reading into it a bit much as he tends to do, but does any one draw a line between this story and another one posted a few weeks ago by("Cincinnati CBP Officer Seize 40 Pounds of Synthetic Marijuana Compound". ) where customs had seized 40lbs of JWH-018 in Ohio on it's way to a non specified location?

    Could the discovery of this factory perhaps be less coincidental than this article implies?
  8. The_Fear
    Haha, that's my local headshop. When this was legal, every time SWIM went in there, there was always a huge delivery of K2 and other spice blends; couldn't keep it on the shelves. They easily made hundreds of thousands on it.
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