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  1. chillinwill
    Synthetic Herbal Drug Mimics Marijuana Effects

    Law enforcement agencies across the country say the drug K2, a smokeable herbal blend, has the same effects as marijuana.

    It recently got the attention of a Greenwood mother who called sheriff's deputies after she said her son got high off the drug.

    The Kansas legislature recently passed a bill aimed at stopping the sale of K2 in their state, but it's still legal in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

    "It's an herbal blend that looks like spices," said Lt. Will Dawson, who works for the Greenwood Police Department.

    Dawson said the chemicals in the drug can block a person's brain receptors.

    "Even to the extent that when they smoked so much they had hallucinations (and) had angels and the walls talking to them," Dawson said.

    He has worked on drug task forces and said he didn't know about K2 until the call from the concerned mother.

    Dawson said he's concerned that a lot of parents don't know about K2. KHBS/KHOG-TV knows that it's sold in at least two stores locally.

    Dawson said you have to be 18 to legally make a purchase.

    "It's a big concern," said Shauna Riggs, an Oklahoma mother and parent who said she had never heard of the drug. 'I don't want my daughters to be able to go out and buy something like that or the kids I teach."

    Dawson said that's why he's pushing for and speaking to local and state leaders about banning the sale of K2.

    "It scares me," he said. "It's definitely in the community now and the question is what are we going to do about it?"

    February 6, 2010


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